4 Indoor Exercises Every Active Kindergarten Should Try

Rainy days, crowded attractions, or pandemic season? These are all reasons your children might be stuck at home these upcoming IB school holidays – for more days than they wish! But who says stay-home days have to be unexciting? These easy activities can get them moving their bodies – and parents can also join in the fun!

  • Cross the river

Kids love any excuse to hop, crawl, and climb! An obstacle course is the perfect thing for them. You can easily set up a simple course using cushions, foam mats, or pillows to mark out a path on the ground. For the ultimate experience, set up the scene with a compelling narration: All of you are trying to escape a forest before darkness comes upon you. At this crocodile-filled raging river, the only way to cross over is by stepping on the boulders (your cushions or mats) scattered across.

Children will have fun hopping, stretching, or tumbling their way on the stepping stones, all while training their balancing and coordination skills. Just remember to set up the game in a cushioned area (e.g. on a play mat or mattress) away from sharp corners to enjoy the activity safely!

  • Just dance!

Virtually zero setup required – all you need is a device to play music on to begin this activity! Search up your child’s favourite songs on Youtube or other streaming site to get the groove going. You can create your own dance together, dance freestyle, or follow a video to learn a choreography.

Kiddos are known for their silly moves, which not only gives them a chance to express themselves creatively, but also develop their spatial awareness and coordination. At the same time, it’s guaranteed to be a good cardio workout for both parent and child! For some good laughter, video down those moves to playback again later after dinner!

  • Build a pillow fort

How would you like to be the owner of your own fortress? Give your child the chance to build their very own fort out of pillows and blankets, and be the king or queen of their own land! Simple as this activity may sound, it is a valuable way for putting their hand-eye coordination to good practice!

As children wriggle or climb their way through their fortress, they will also be cultivating body awareness. Don’t believe it? Climbing and maneuvering on soft cushions is more difficult than it sounds!

  • Catch a ride

This requires a little more work for the parents, but that way, you can work out a sweat too! Remember Aladdin and his magic carpet? You can let your child have a taste of riding on the ‘magic carpet’ right at home. Place a towel or blanket on the floor, making sure it is big enough for your child to comfortable sit on. Have them grab on tight to the corners of the cloth, and then away they go!

Pull the cloth to drag your little one around for a fun ride, and go as fast as you feel comfortable to! Although your child will be seated, in reality they will be working their core and balancing to keep themselves from falling over due to the momentum. 


On top of being amazing opportunities for bonding, these activities also do well for your child’s motor skills development. It’s easy to overlook physical activities when the society’s education system is always focused on academics. But experts say movement is important to a child’s overall development, not just for their fitness and agility, but also their mental aptitude!

In school, as well, children can get moving indoors and outdoors, and learn effectively through play! That’s exactly what the IB PYP syllabus is known for. Check out the best offerings of Singapore’s international schools that empower children to learn naturally through play and inquiry.

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