5 Amazing Gift Items For All Kinds Of Expectant Mothers

Without a doubt, there’s something magical about bringing new life into the world. But before the day arrives where an expecting mother gets to finally meet their new bundle of joy, the journey towards it is known to be not an easy one.

As such, expecting mothers have everyone rooting for them. While they certainly appreciate getting tips and advice on caring for their future newborn babe, they’re also in need of extra pampering after their tiring 9-month cycle of pregnancy.

If you’re curious to know which gifts would help brighten up their days in their pregnancy journey, we’ve collated a list of five gift ideas below that they’ll absolutely love!

Soft and comfy maternity robes

It’s a known fact that pregnancy can be quite demanding on expecting mothers, with fatigue becoming a constant companion in their daily lives. As such, taking naps and lounging about is a normal occurrence and is something that they love to do on most days.

Donning more comfortable clothes will assuredly be something that they’ll appreciate, and a gift of a soft and comfortable maternity robe is something that will surely delight them!

Maternity pillow

Growing babies need all the care and support they can get, and their mother’s diet primarily provides this. However, this also applies to their external environment, mainly in their mother’s sleeping position.

Normal mattresses and pillows aren’t designed to provide the comfort and support that a pregnant mother needs when resting. As such, gifting them with a maternity pillow is sure to be something that they’ll thank you for endlessly!

These pillows will not only ensure that they get a good night’s sleep, but they’ll also significantly ease their pregnancy aches and body pains along with the other benefits that it provides.

New born baby hamper

Although it’s safe to say that pregnant mothers will already be prepared with the necessary supplies for when their baby arrives, it never hurts to gift them with more. Amaze them with a thoughtful and caring gesture by gifting them an all-inclusive new born baby hamper!

We’ve curated a fine selection of baby hampers that will surely bring joy and delight to every new mum and her newborn baby. If you’re keen on making a lasting impression, we also provide the best premium customised baby shower gifts with a personalised message card that you can have delivered straight to their home or hospital after they’ve delivered their lovely babe.

Wellness gift package

With a babe on the way, mothers will more often than not be busy preparing for the arrival of their new joy. A lot of work needs to be done in and out of the house, which can often lead to them forgetting about themselves and their needs from time to time.

Remind them to be more attentive to their well-being with a dainty wellness gift package! We provide numerous options of wellness hampers comprising hearty servings of fruits, flowers, and health supplements that are sure to energise as well as keep their health in tip-top shape! In the event that they ever feel ill due to overexertion, it’s best to include some get well soon flowers as well to better express your best wishes.


Gifts for new mommies are not just a way of surprise, they are emotion. We know what a woman goes through during pregnancy and thus have curated the best ideas to help her get across this delicate time.

With these astonishing surprises at your disposal, along with the tried and tested way of gifting bouquets by ordering flowers online in Singapore, it’s time to help her get the best of both worlds together and help her feel special in every way. For an extra helping hand, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to assure you in every step of the way – from selection, ordering, to delivering.

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