6 Common Types of Notebooks for Fit for Everyday Use

Notebooks are essential in a way that you are able to keep records and memories of activities you have done.

There are different types of notebooks available in shops and Singapore corporate notebook printing. In fact, there are various kinds of paper notebooks and other types of notebooks as discussed in this context.

Case bound notebooks

These are like hard cover books. They feature thick, rigid covers and perfect bound papers. They provide a professional appearance and are ideal for long term storage. The case bound notebooks are kept neatly in stores for easy access and reference.

The spiral notebook

This is the most common type of paper notebook. It is common in students and learners in learning institutions. They are cheap and come in many sizes. That’s why it’s easily accessible in our local stores and supermarkets.

Composition notebook

This is more advanced than the spiral one. It has a thicker cardboard cover. They are book bound, this means that the pages are sewn and placed together like a book. The inside cover contains the record of a class schedule.

Scientific or lab notebooks

These are notebooks designed to keep scientific records of experiments and scientific progress. Scientists use this to calculate and monitor the records of their experiments. They are filled with graph papers with headings.

Business notebooks

These are used for business records. They mainly deal with note-taking and schedule keeping.

High end notebooks

They are considered luxurious. This is because of the heavy weight papers they come in. The notebooks are covered in cloth and moleskin and are hard bound.

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