Car Leasing Fact-Check: 3 Myths About Renting a Vehicle

Travelling by car has become a much safer and convenient option after the outbreak of the pandemic. But with sky-high Certificate Of Entitlement (COE) prices, many Singaporeans are looking towards renting a car rather than owning one. Although car rentals have been attracting interest, many still find it hard to switch to a rental due to some preconceived assumptions. These myths are often founded on misconceptions.

In actual fact, these common myths when debunked, prove that car rental offers more reaps than loses! Car rentals services in Singapore are here to provide both comfort and convenience.


When renting a car, it’s natural to worry that there will be additional charges upon after the end of the rental. You might then assume that the rental fee includes hidden maintenance or service fees.

But in car rental, the price given after you’ve selected the model and indicated your rental details is the final amount you would be paying for. There are no hidden costs in the form of service, maintenance or even insurance fees. As such, renting a car is sure to be a more affordable option than owning one. You easily save a hefty COE price of more than $30,000, and you can drive without worrying about additional costs.


Requesting a car rental can lead you to expect a huge amount of paperwork or a long waiting time before securing the rental. But you most definitely would not need to stretch yourself as much as purchasing a car. You are also free to opt for either daily, weekly or monthly car rental.

Contrary to that, more private car rental have rolled out efficient processes. You can simply fill in their rental form or drop a message with the car model and rental period, and the company will pick up your application process.

As for the more legal aspect of renting, you typically need a valid Singapore or approved foreign license with at least one year of qualified driving experience. But the minimum age differs at different rental companies, so be sure to check before renting.  As long as you’ve secured the above, your application process will be smooth sailing and be cleared in no time.


When you borrow an automobile, you might assume that there are mileage restrictions or guidelines for you to adhere to. Instead of limits, the only common policy is to top up the fuel tank to full when you return the car.

In addition, there is a common misconception that when a mistake is made to your booking, you’re unable to change it. But up until you collect the vehicle, you can request to alter your booking. If you urgently need to extend your car rental, let our team know and we will process the extension right away!


With so many perks to car rentals, there are more reasons to secure your next rental and take your family out for a weekend spin! As a car rental platform, we provide an array of options from major car rental companies to affordable local car rental companies. Whether you need a car rental in Bukit Batok or anywhere else in the country, we’re here to journey with you for your ideal rental and driving experience.

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