5 Basic Differences Between Air Filled and Helium Balloons

There is a huge variety of decorative items that are available at different party shops in Singapore. These items are readily bought by the customers for the purpose of decoration of their events and parties. The most popular of these items are balloons. Balloons add colour to the ambiance of any event and prove to be an attractive decorative item. Balloons are available in a number of different colours, shapes and finishing. They can even be customized according to the theme of the event, as per the choice of the buyer. A variety of fillings can be used for balloons, the most popular of which are air and helium. There are several differences between air filled balloons and helium balloons. People can select either type according to their ease and need.


If a balloon is filled with air, the air will be composed of a mixture of different gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and even helium. On the contrary, helium balloons are filled with pure helium only.


If a latex balloon is filled with helium, it will last for about 8 to 10 hours. If a foil balloon is filled with helium, it will last for about three to four days. The balloons filled with air last much longer as compared to helium balloons.


Typically, the balloons filled with helium are costly as compared to the air filled balloons.


Helium balloons once tied can be refilled if they start to flatten while air filled balloons which once tied, cannot be refilled.


Helium gas is lighter as compared to air therefore helium balloons float whereas the balloons filled with air do not.


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