3 Ways You Can Charter a Yacht in a Cost-Effective Means

Are you someone in Singapore who wants to enjoy a yachting experience without having to break the bank? Or someone who doesn’t want to share their space with strangers? If yes, then private boat charter is the right decision for you. As compared to traditional brokerage firms, chartering a yacht from a charter company is far more cost-effective than buying a yacht. It’s an agreement in which a company rents out the yacht, performs marketing and maintenance, and shares profits with the owner. Following are the ways you can charter a yacht in Singapore.

1. Bareboat charters

It is like renting a boat for a day or some time, but there is no crew to assist you. It is up to you to handle everything on the boat by yourself, including piloting it and cooking. If you are chartering a boat like this, some companies will test you or require a sailing resume to ensure that the boat will be safe with you. You can also rent a yacht for a party!

2. Chartering with Crew

Renting a yacht this way is a more luxurious way of sailing since you’re provided with the right crew. The company provides you with a pilot who follows your commands, a cook who cooks your food, and you can upgrade the services according to the payment you make. If you want, you can get waiters, people to run a fancy spa, or whatever you require. These companies offer packages according to their customers’ need and one can easily pick a package or make a unique one as they desire.

3. Hourly charters

These kinds of renting are used for specific reasons, such as if you want to go fishing in the deep waters but you do not know how to sail a boat. With this kind of chartering the company provides the pilot and some refreshments. These chartering are mostly charged at an hourly rate. Do check out Singapore private yacht price before booking.

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