Understanding The Qualities Between Day & Night Curtains

Curtains are a staple of any room. Regardless of the room’s design theme, there will always be a curtain that can complement it. Custom made curtains are exceptionally brilliant as pieces of décor. With the wide assortment of materials and embellishments at your disposal, you can easily get exactly the shade and texture to fit your room.

They don’t just look pretty, but have practical uses as well. Whether you want to block out the glare from your computer screen or just want some privacy, curtains are there to help you out. But not all curtains are created equal, and sometimes, having only one type is not enough.

Curtains come in two main categories – day curtains and night curtains. Both of them serve to block out sunlight, but to varying degrees. As the names suggest, the difference between them is night and day. Let’s have a look at some of their defining qualities.

Day curtains

Day curtains see the most use during the day time when sunlight is beaming strongly into your home. They are sometimes referred to by their other name, sheer curtains.

Typically, they are made from lightweight materials such as lace and organza. These materials are translucent, allowing a decent amount of natural light to enter the room while blocking out the eye-searing glare. Day curtains can also diffuse the UV rays and heat in the sunlight, leading to a cooler home. Overall, they provide a comfortably lit environment for your day-time activities. As such, living rooms or other communal spaces would benefit greatly from day curtains.

Maintenance is not too difficult either. While custom made curtains come in many colours, most day curtains have light colours to help you see through them. This means that they can take a lot of punishment from the sun. Lighter colours absorb less light, so they do not fade as fast as darker colours. Furthermore, they only need to be taken down for cleaning bi-annually, making them a convenient option. The same goes for vinyl flooring, which is not much of hassle to clean and enhances the appearance of your living space greatly.

All in all, if you are looking for privacy, day curtains can do a decent job. People looking from outside-in would struggle to make out what is behind the curtain, while you would still be able to see outside the window. However, since they are not opaque, the privacy they provide is limited. For the most privacy, you will need night curtains.

Night curtains

Unlike day curtains, night curtains are made of heavyweight and opaque fabric. Depending on the type of night curtain, they can block out most or all sunlight from entering the room.

The primary purpose of night curtains is to provide complete privacy. No one will be able to see through your night curtains, so they are perfect for bedrooms. They are also suitable for living rooms or study rooms, where you may need to shut out sunlight for movie screenings or presentations.

Like day curtains, night curtains can block out the sun’s heat, creating a cooling environment in the room. Some night curtains, like blackout curtains, are made of multiple layers of thick fabric. These layers provide the additional benefit of blocking out the noise coming from outside. Those living near MRT tracks or busy highways would find this a very welcome feature.

Why not both?

Each type of curtain has its own benefits, but they are best used together. By placing day curtains in front of your night curtains, you get the best of both worlds. You can draw the day curtains when the sun is out to get some natural lighting, and draw the night curtains when you’re off to bed.

The day curtains also protect the darker night curtains from the sunlight, reducing fading of colour. To top it off, you add another dimension of design by pairing the curtain colours, giving you more options to complement your wallpaper.

For the best results, you can engage the services of a professional furnishing company to get some custom made curtains. We has an extensive range of fabrics, designs and materials for day and night curtains. No matter the design or texture you desire, we can make your dreams come true.

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