3 Top Reasons To Go Cashless Your Next Trip Abroad

When travelling internationally, thorough planning is always required – unless you plan to travel spontaneously! Either way, it’s still important to secure a reliable travel insurance that provides you with medical evacuation when needed! So that in times of emergency, you’ll be assured knowing that there’s help coming.

Now that we’re staying at home safely, surely, they’ll be ample time for us to come up with an itinerary for our next trip abroad once the virus is contained! While the thought of being in an unknown land with a different culture can feel somewhat intimidating, it’s something that can be overcome with time and experience! Whereas, other roadblocks are easier to tackle, such as managing money.

The idea of travelling cashless may seem somewhat new. However, it is growing to become an inevitable phenomenon due to the increased convenience and accessibility of digital payment options. Believe it or not, some of us could even leave our house without having our wallets on hand! However, have you considered cashless travelling? Read on if you’d like to know about the benefits of doing so!

No worries about lacking or excess change

When planning for your next trip, it’s rather difficult to gauge the amount of money needed for your expenses during the trip.

Sometimes, you’d end up with either too much or too little cash on hand. Prior to the trip, you’d also find yourself comparing between different money changers before settling on one with the best rates offered.

Meanwhile, travelling cashless ticks one less thing off your list! You could simply complete your transactions with just a swipe of the card or a tap of your phone, as you bid goodbye to loose change.

An easier way to track expenses

Sometimes, you can’t help but get too occupied with shopping; buying items at a price that’s way discounted than the original or getting souvenirs for your loved ones.

What’s the worse thing that can happen? Your depleting amount of cash, that is.

When we’re too caught up with spending, we might lose track of the amount of money we have for that particular shopping trip. Coming up short at the cashier is rather embarrassing. But with card transactions, it’s much easier to keep track of the things you spend on and the sum total of your spending. And if you’re travelling in a group, splitting the expenses is much more convenient.

Keep in mind to make a habit out of reviewing your transactions, though. Should you come across anything suspicious, be sure to inform your bank immediately!

Secure means of carrying “cash”

Often, we’re told never to put our money in our back pockets or anywhere out of sight. If you’re carrying a large amount of cash on hand, then it might be even more frantically worrying due to the risk of theft.

By going cashless, that can be reduced. Cashless payments are usually secured with a pin that only you know, so even if someone has it, it might be impossible for them to access it. Additionally, you could call the bank to have your account terminated immediately.


So the next time you want a hassle-free trip, try going cashless! But knowing us Singaporeans, we can be rather ‘kiasu’ albeit in a good way. So if you want to feel assured, then carry some cash on hand just in case! Or, make sure that your insurance covers air ambulance for added ease in case of emergency. Then, you can sit back as you follow where the wind takes you.

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