4 Activities To Liven Up Your Birthday During COVID-19

As you practise safe distancing, celebrating your brand-new milestone in life may seem a little different this year – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate! Whether or not you’re cooped up with your loved ones or staying alone, your birthday is an occasion that should still be held memorably. To make the most out of your time at home, here are four simple ways to commemorate your special day.

1. Bake yourself a birthday cake

A birthday party calls for a birthday cake! While store-bought cakes are always an option, perhaps you could consider baking your own cake this time round! By doing so, giving yourself an experience to treasure on top of having a delicious cake to indulge in at the end of the day.

Lookup for the cake recipe of your choice online, or search for video tutorials for you to follow. After, bake yourself a gorgeous cake worthy of a celebration.

2. Host a virtual party and give it a structure

For a momentous event like your birthday, celebrate it with your loved ones such as your family, friends and relatives, by hosting a virtual party! Instead of having everyone come online during the same video call session, break it up into smaller groups instead. It’ll make it easier for you to focus your attention on the people who are present. Adding on, you’re also preventing awkward moments between your guests who may be unfamiliar with one another.

To set the mood, prepare a few icebreakers such as ‘Two Truths One Lie’, ‘Never Have I Ever, etc. Make sure to have a designated start and stop time too, especially if you’re holding multiple sessions. You could also perform an activity together with your attendees virtually! For example, you could tell them what ingredients to prepare so that you can cook together while video calling.

3. Send out handwritten cards

As the saying goes, spread the love around like confetti! On your special day, it’s good to give back by doing something meaningful for someone else. And one way you can do so is by mailing out handwritten cards to the people you’re grateful for! Although it may seem simple, getting a personalised card is always guaranteed to make someone’s day. Send it out along with a vibrant sunflower bouquet if you want to take it up a notch.

4. Order yourself a birthday gift

As a kid, your birthday is an occasion you anticipate with bated breath since you know that there’ll be a bunch of presents waiting to be opened – all for you. When adulthood comes, you become more ‘seasoned’ – or maybe, more ‘adult’. Liven up this experience by ordering some gifts for yourself. After all, you’ve worked hard throughout the years to deserve something nice. Have it delivered on your birthday for an authentic experience of buying a gift from yourself, for yourself.


As we stay home, we’re doing our part to flatten the curve. In this difficult time, remember that your birthday is your day which you deserve to celebrate no matter the circumstances.

Or, if you know of someone whose birthday is fast approaching, feel free to browse through our catalogue to arrange a birthday flower delivery for them. We take pride in our thoughtfully-crafted bouquets that are sure to speak volumes to the receiver.

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