Why You Should Enrol In And Pay For Mandarin Chinese Courses

Without a doubt, learning Chinese is beneficial in many practical ways, in addition to being a worthy personal development goal. There are many ways to go about picking up the language, from utilising youtube videos to free blog resources online.

What about signing up for Chinese classes? With so many alternatives out there for those who want to learn Mandarin in Singapore, is it worth the money to enrol in actual Chinese lessons?

That’s the question we’ll delve into today – and here’s why we believe Chinese classes still have a place in language learning.

Chinese Classes Are More Structured

Granted, a lot of free online resources are also nicely organised into different levels. However, just finding one website or youtube channel that works for you can be quite the feat! Say, if you want to learn business Chinese, it won’t do you good to be learning from a resource that is made for young Chinese learners.

Language classes offer you the benefit of a more structured learning experience. There are clear set goals for every level of classes, and a highly organised lesson plan for each session. If you have a personal tutor, you have the added advantage of learning at your own pace.

Classes Give You More Practice Opportunities

Part of learning a language is being able to converse fluently in it. Learning by yourself is difficult because you don’t have anyone to practise the language with! This is why attending a language course is often the better option.

In a Chinese class, you can have regular conversations with your teacher, which helps you get comfortable speaking the language in a realistic setting, and also offers you the chance to receive feedback on your speaking and listening skills. If you join a group class, you can also meet like-minded peers to share the love for the language, gain some practice buddies, and have people to exchange study tips with.

Classes Are Tried And Tested

It’s hard to gauge the effectiveness of self-study resources as there isn’t a statistic you can fall back on. For example, how do you know if people who have used a particular website have successfully gone on to ace Chinese proficiency tests?

For language classes, that is far from the case. Most reputable language course providers have honed their curriculum over many years, with fantastic track records for gearing students up for fluent real-life applications and standardised proficiency tests. So, if you want a proven method, or are looking to get some qualifications in the language, attending Chinese classes is the way to go.

Language Courses Are More Engaging

Sure, you might find a youtube channel with hilarious hosts and effective examples. However, nothing beats being in a classroom where you can actually interact with people while learning the language.

Whether you hire a private tutor or join a group class, language lessons provide you with interactions that are more relevant and effective to you. For example, if you are learning Chinese in Singapore, you probably want to learn with Singapore contexts. That real-time connection with your tutor and peers also makes for more memorable lessons, helping you remember your learning far better.

Indeed, enrolling in a language course has immense benefits to your language learning experience. Don’t miss out on them just because you want to save some money! If mastering the Chinese language is your serious goal, we welcome you to join us to learn Mandarin online in the meantime!

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