Happy Residents: Here Are 4 Benefits Of A Clean Residence

There are countless reasons why a property manager should keep the residence under their care clean. Of course, potential tenants are more likely to rent a house that has clean surroundings and facilities. Cleanliness can also raise the value of a property as it is visibly more appealing to live in. However, it is essential to remember that a sanitary estate benefits the tenants themselves, which makes keeping the residence clean even more critical. We take a look at some of these benefits.

1. Improved health

Perhaps the most important outcome of a sanitary residence for the tenant is improved health. Dust mite or pollen allergies are becoming increasingly common, especially in Singapore. It is rather apparent that these allergens are often found in dust, which can build up very quickly if cleaning is not properly carried out or done regularly. Exposure to these allergens can lead to an allergic reaction with several uncomfortable symptoms like flu-like symptoms, coughing, or hives.

Accumulated dust can also encourage the growth of germs, such as bacteria and mould, which can cause severe disease. The elderly are especially vulnerable to this problem if exposed to such conditions. Common areas such as lift lobbies and staircases involve high foot traffic which should be kept regularly sanitised. A clean estate would minimise the chances of germs spreading and diseases occurring, leading to much healthier environments for tenants to live in.

2. Minimise pests and insects

With effective cleaning also comes a reduction in pests. Insects and rodents can easily live off food crumbs and other garbage that are disposed around the residence. The presence of pests will not only result in lower tenant satisfaction and happiness levels, it also opens to the potential breeding of germs and diseases. Given that condominiums and residential estates usually have people living near one another, such areas could even be prone to an outbreak if the issue is left unchecked.

Save yourself the hassle of having to call in pest-control down the line by taking preventive action early. We offer professional condo cleaning services to help maintain your facilities, clean corridors, and clear rubbish chutes effectively. Our team also utilise proven chemical and biological methods to exterminate and prevent pests such as rodents, flies and bed bugs.

3. Safety

Tenants are always moving around the residence. A cluttered estate with litter strewn about is more likely to cause accidents. People could very well trip over small pieces of litter or cut themselves on sharp objects on the floor. This applies doubly so to families with children. Being young and playful, they may not be able to notice the dangerous objects before it is too late. If they pick this killer litter up to play with it, they will be exposed to germs, dirt and any other hazards on it. Having professional residential cleaning can have significant benefits for the safety of your tenants, simply by clearing up the trash that is not appropriately disposed of.

4. Reduced stress

A clean residence can induce calm in people. Studies have shown that an untidier environment can increase your body’s stress response. Lower stress is, in turn, linked to better health outcomes. Not to mention that having visitors is a much more pleasant experience when your residence’s facilities are well-maintained and in good condition. There is nothing more stressful than having to show your guest to a messy and dirty entertainment room. With proper maintenance of your residential property, your tenants can stay healthy and satisfied with their living conditions. This also will boost the reputation of your property and attract potential tenants.

As a property manager, you want tenants to be satisfied and property value to remain high. Keeping the residence clean should be a priority on your list. You can accomplish this by enacting estate policies to discourage littering and incentivise keeping the facilities clean, in tandem with residential cleaning services to seek professional expertise in disinfecting and sanitising residential spaces for the benefit of everyone.

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