How You Can Turn Your Bedroom Into a Comfortable Space

One of the crucial points of interior design is the bedroom. If the home is the refuge, then your bedroom is your safe haven. After all, it is where you spend time decompressing and bask in comfortable solitude. It is thus crucial that you curate an interior that promotes rest. If you haven’t done so, you might want to consider the following bedroom ideas.

1. Tuck The Bed Against A Wall

You may have seen that most bedroom decoration ideas include installing the bed in the centre of the bedroom. However, this is only ideal for large bedrooms, which is a rarity on this small island. Unless you have ample space, the perfect bed location is to have it tucked securely at a corner. This will help you maximise the already limited floor space and it will thus, guarantee ample thoroughfare. Besides, sleeping against the wall can feel rather cosy.

2. Improve On Lighting

Improving on bedroom lighting doesn’t necessarily add more light. Instead, it’s the direct opposite. Glaring light will not give you the serenity that you desire. You may want to invest in lighting with dimmers to allow some flexibility. You can now tweak the lighting according to your mood. Furthermore, this also means you can improve the quality of sleep as your body will take less time to prepare for sleep. Your rest is guaranteed when you invest in the right lighting.

3. Paint Your Walls With appropriate Colors

Soothing and dramatic are usually opposites, thus, opt for warm and bright colours for your walls and curtains. Neutral colours such as beige and off white are great colour options. Furthermore, bright neutral colours will also give an illusion that the room appears spacious than it truly is. If you still wish for a pop of colour, you can add an accent or perhaps, invest in a stunning painting or two!

4. Cut Down On Unnecessary Clutter

Unnecessary clutter always eats up the little space in a small bedroom. Monthly decluttering is always encouraged but if that isn’t enough, you may want to look at other means. For instance, you can always invest in a bed with storage space to store clothes you don’t often wear or even bedsheets and the like.

5. Choose Mounted Lamps

If you already have limited space, table lamps and floor lamps may not be ideal as they will only take up space you could’ve utilised for something else. Instead, you may want to consider wall lamps or incorporate ceiling lights. If you have an elaborate ceiling design or have detailings such as a coved ceiling, you may wish to request the help of a condo and landed house interior design firm to help you out with the installation. These lighting options won’t only save space, but they will also make your bedroom appear organised and classy.


Despite the limited floor space, there are several ways you can go about to make your room appear bigger than it truly is. Furthermore, a small bedroom is easier to work with if you wish to curate a cosy and intimate space. If you want to utilise the space to the fullest, you may want to leave this to the experts and discuss with a Singapore interior design consultancy. Beyond bedrooms, we also provide improvement for the rest of the house, with our kitchen renovation package and more.

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