How Pet Boarding And Pet Sitting Differs From Each Other

Pet boarding and pet sitting are like boarding schools and home tuitions respectively. Do you know the difference between these two types of pet care? If not, the information below will help you choose the better service for your pet at your convenience.

What is pet boarding?

Leaving your pet at a pet boarding Singapore facility means that it gets to spend its entire time with other pets in a friendly environment. The required general care is meted out on time and the pet gets full attention.

What is pet sitting?

Here, the pet sitter takes care of your pet at your home. This type of pet care is generally suited for people who have multiple pets. Older pets can just stay at home to avoid unnecessary stress while they enjoy the comfort at the same time.

Why go for pet boarding?

The AVA in Singapore lays down strict guidelines like licensing and sterilization checks, allowing only one pet in each household on average. Small and young dogs are more popular pets among people who live in flats. If you do not want your busy lifestyle to mess with the attention and care of your fluffy pals, then pet boarding Singapore is a favorable option for you.

Pet boarding is all the more convenient as services are all the time available. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the pet sitter going absent or any other mishap. Want to make sure that your pet grows into a healthier and happier being? Drop it into a nearby boarding pet home and be worry-free.

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