Benefits All Homeowners Should Know About Overlay Floors

One of the few features that will greet a guest when they first enter your house is, as mundane as it may sound, the flooring. Whilst it may not be as stark and apparent than the overall look of the interior, the type and state of the flooring set the basis the look of your interior. It is thus crucial that you not only choose a suitable type of flooring but also ensure its maintenance. Of course, this does not mean you’d have to rip your entire floor off! A more straightforward and cheaper method to revamping your flooring is to overlay them!

Overlay flooring refers to adding a new layer of flooring material over the existing one. Here are some of the benefits of overlay flooring that homeowners should know.

1. It Takes Shorter To Renovate

It takes a significantly shorter time to overlay your floor compared to having them hacked and replaced with a newer one. Just hacking alone will take 3 consecutive days, which may be 3 days too long for many homeowners, especially those with tenants. By overlaying your floors, you’d cut down on both the work and also time needed to complete the new flooring.

2. Gives Your Floor Better Protection

Since overlaying another layer to your existing floor requires extra material, it acts as adequate protection for your flooring. This means your current flooring durability increases, which translates to a longer lifespan. A floor overlay will also provide additional cushioning and you’d experience an increase in comfort with every step you take. This is especially the case if you opt for flooring products that come with padded thickness.

3. Low Renovation Cost

Undoubtedly, you will need to hire a luxury interior design firm to do the job, overlaying is significantly cheaper than hacking and replacing your tiles. You’d be saving more money since the latter takes much more work, time and manpower.

4. You Can Always Go For The Variety You Want

Overlay flooring comes in all sorts of materials, colours and patterns. You might just be spoilt for choice when you look at the selection, from timber overlays to vinyl floorings, and if you want to be fancy, there’s always metallic epoxy overlays! You don’t have to worry about running out of renovation ideas.

When Overlaying Flooring Is Not An Option

Seeing as how your existing flooring makes up the foundation for your new flooring, you need to ensure your current flooring is in good condition. If they are old or hollow, they may pop and crack under your new flooring. Now, you don’t have to just worry about removing the overlay flooring, you will also need to hack and replace your existing flooring entirely. This will amount to greater costs and also, time.

Before you consider overlaying your floors, check the condition of your existing flooring by throwing coins or marbles to see whether it will produce any hollow sounds. If it does, it’s better to consider hacking and re-doing the flooring first.


Overlay flooring is important for every homeowner who wants to cut down on landed house renovation costs while still keeping their floors classy, neat, and appealing. It is also an easier venture and will save you a lot of time during renovations. Conversely, you might want to try sourcing out an interior design package that offers you overlaying flooring as an option.

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