Gen Z & Millennials: Crafting A Workplace for the Future

There’s always been conversations about making the workplace a more engaging environment to maintain productivity and happiness levels. But, with workforces today making up of multiple generations with diverse demands, there is a need to rethink how workplaces are designed and transformed to meet those needs.
One of the biggest changes is challenging the traditional top-down structure of companies. These generations seek more collaboration and a culture that fosters team spirit in the workplace, which results in employees who strive to reach their fullest potential.
Read on below as we explore the ways in which you can transform your workplace to better adapt to the younger workforce.

Embracing new technologies

It is clear that they are more digitally savvy, having grown up with access and exposure to technology. This means they can excel and respond to new technologies better – with many apps becoming a part of their everyday life. They will also be increasingly spread out in the workforce – working from different locations, travelling more for their jobs, and wanting to stay connected 24/7.
As such, it is not uncommon to see why the concept of remote working thrives due to emerging mobile social and networking technologies, such as video conferencing. They can reach out to multiple technology solutions and devices to get their work done. Companies should also tap on curated channels that are fast and interactive to ensure distribution of information amongst employees.

Keep up with desire for personal interactions

Despite the growth in digital conversations and feedback, the younger generations continue to value face-to-face conversation, preferring personal interactions and teamwork over emails and texts. They want effective collaboration across departments and functions to help them do their best work. A workplace that will work best can include private workspaces that value boundaries and personal space, as well as provide options for collaborative workspaces. With clearly-defined spaces in the office, there is still structure within a flexible environment.
If you have a small team, serviced offices can support your need for flexible workspaces that are furnished with business amenities. Our property at 10 Raeburn Park offers small business spaces for rent as well as serviced offices. You can find offices of varying sizes, starting from 345 sqft to 3,553 sqft with meeting room facilities, daily housekeeping, pantry area, restrooms and security card access control. This office hub is situated adjacent to the CBD, offering a convenient working environment with in-house facilities like childcare services, shower facilities and F&B options. It is located next to the New Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal, but commuters can also access the free bus shuttle services (to and from Outram MRT) and bicycle rental – with season parking also available!

Battling against burnout and stress

Gen Z and millennial workers are most likely to say they are often stressed at work and by work. This leads to employees being less focused and concentrated, which lowers productivity. At the same time, more sick days are taken as stress causes headaches, dizziness, fatigue and muscle tension. Besides shorter working hours and more vacation days, employee welfare also includes the working environment they are in. Look into office ergonomics, lighting and space to ensure they are working comfortably. Introduce work/life balance activities such as team bonding days to help them decompress and manage stress better while fostering better relationships with others.
Don’t underestimate the power of greenery surroundings too. Numerous studies have been done to find the impact greenery can have on one’s productivity and well-being. It can provide a boost to concentration levels and employee engagement, thus increasing personal performance at work. Our property at the former Firestation is located next to the Nature Reserve Park, offering plenty of lush greenery and views. Situated in Bukit Timah, units in the property comprise of commercial spaces which support enrichment and lifestyle-related business such as tuition centres and retail stores. There are also small business spaces for rent which can double up as an ancillary office – in sizes from 208 to 1,161 sqft and come with attached toilet and window (and lights for selected units). Facilities include 24-hour access, CCTV surveillance, free parking, and minutes away from Beauty World MRT and eateries.

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