The Benefits Of Customer Appreciation & 7 Ways To Do So

If customers don’t feel appreciated, they can easily purchase from someone else. Use these tips to start appreciating your customers and see the difference.

Appreciating customers is crucial in many ways. To begin with, it helps to make customers happy; and happy customers will not only return but will introduce your business to their family and friends as well.

When customers spread the positive word about your company, it helps to build your brand reputation. In this era where everything seems fast-paced, many people don’t remember the art of customer appreciation. Thus, by making your customers feel valued, your brand is able to stand out.

Here are the top 7 ways to improve your customer appreciation:

1. Surprise Them

Surprises have the power to activate the brain’s pleasure centres. Therefore, by sending someone a gift or appreciation note when they least expect it, it makes your appreciation gesture even more special and impactful.

You do not have to wait for predictable times and occasions such as Christmas or after a major sales period to show your appreciation to your clients. You can surprise your loyal customers at any point in time with corporate gifts in Singapore.

2. Honour the Customer’s Specific Holiday

Pay attention to the holidays specific to a customer’s culture and background. This is a good way to show customers that you have made an effort to know and understand them. Customers feel appreciated when you treat them in a non-generic manner, particularly when it comes to expressing your sincere appreciation.

3. Personalize Your Appreciation Efforts

Instead of sending out a standard appreciation gift, consider customizing it. Use insights obtained from your day-to-day interactions with customers to send them more personalized gifts. For instance, if a customer is a golfer, you can send him or her gifts that are suitable for golf lovers. If you know that a customer has young children, you can show your sincere thoughts by sending children’s gifts.

4. Personalize Email Follow-Ups

Once customers purchase from your company, you can set up an after-sales system in the form of email follow-ups. This not only allows you to thank customers for buying your service or product; it also lets you find out how they are benefiting from the purchase. It’s an inexpensive way to express your appreciation to your customers’ patronage.

5. Remain Connected to Your Best Clients

Consider showing interest in the business of your best customers. You can start by creating a Google Alert for specific customers so that you receive notifications of their news. You can check out their social media pages occasionally to keep yourself updated.

Once you come across positive news on these customers, send them a congratulations note. If you are connected to the customer via LinkedIn, like or comment on the post when you see news on their feed. These gestures will signal to your client that you genuinely appreciate the business relationship.

6. Show Appreciation for Referrals

Referrals are incredibly essential to any business. When you receive a referral from one of your customers, take the time to send your referring customer a handwritten card or note.

A better approach would be to leave the customer a text message.

Remember to do this even if the referral didn’t lead to a sale. If the referral resulted in business, send them a thank-you message later on. This allows your customer to know how things have panned out. It is also advisable to offer them a discount coupon or a gift, instead of just sending an appreciation email.

7. Send “We Miss You” Notes

When appreciating your customers, don’t just focus on the loyal, long-term clients. Consider those past customers who no longer do business with you too.

A good and effective way to do so would be to send them a “We Miss You” note to let them know that you appreciated doing business with them in the past. You can also welcome them and show your sincerity by including an incentive such as a discount coupon.

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