Signs That Your Child May Benefit From Tuition Classes

How do you know when your child needs tuition? Your child may not tell you directly that they need help with school, so you need to know how to recognise the signs that your child is struggling. Recognising the problem is the first step to finding a solution. Thus, you should reassure your child once you see signs of them struggling, and offer them a solution that will help them.

Not all parents are well-versed in their child’s learning syllabus, and many do not have the time to teach their child how to do their homework. As such, the most convenient solution is to look for a tutor.

Here are some clues that your child may benefit from some tuition classes:

Dropping grades 

Make it a point to check on your child’s grades whenever they receive a marked test paper or results slip. When you observe that their grades are falling, this is a sign that your child is having trouble keeping up. You can speak to your child to find out the root cause of the problem – are the topics getting too tough for them, or are they getting distracted by other things? The key to this is to approach them with the intent to help, not penalise.

Homework woes

If you notice your child consistently getting stuck in their homework, it is time to consider tuition for them. A tutor can be a ready source of help for any homework queries, and also brush up their content knowledge so that they are better equipped to tackle assignment questions in future. Make sure to choose a tutor that is knowledgeable in the syllabus your child is under – for example, if your child is in secondary 3, look for Physics tuition for sec 3 to ensure the tutor knows exactly what topics the student needs to know.

Skipping school

For some students, the stress of school is enough to make them feel a strong aversion to going to school. You may find them making up excuses to stay home, like feigning illness, or refusing to get out of bed, or lying about home-learning days. In these cases, the child has built up a strong resistance to school, and this indicates a serious problem at bay. You need to speak to your child to figure out the underlying issue – is it a bullying problem, a social anxiety issue, or overwhelming pressure from studies? In some cases where the issue is studies-related, tutoring may help to reduce the child’s fear of studying. By having a patient teacher who goes at the student’s pace, the child can build up confidence and feel less intimidated by the academic expectations of the school.

Time-management problems

Students in school have to juggle with a handful of subjects – sometimes up to 9 subjects at the secondary level! On top of that, they would have co-curricular activities to attend, and other personal hobbies, extra-curricular pursuits, and so on. This makes them very busy teens, and some fall into the trap of poor time management. Due to this, it is highly possible for your child to neglect some of their subjects to focus on the ones they enjoy more. If you realise that your child is struggling to give time to all their subjects, tuition may be one way to apportion out time for your child to study.

Don’t let your child’s cries for help go unnoticed – look out for these signs that your child needs help in their studies. Although you may not be able to help them directly, you can offer solutions like tuition classes for them. In Singapore, tuition classes are everywhere, and you can find one for every subject, including English tuition, Math tuition, and Physics tuition. Help them get the assistance they need today!

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