‘A’ Is For Arts: Is STEAM Education The Next Step Forward?

We need more STEM or STEAM programs at schools. This sentence hears too common recently. The future economic prosperity seems to love to have science, technology, engineering, and math on their job markets. This fact makes Singapore Primary Years Program increase their investment in STEM in schools. Students will get mobile devices like computer labs for forms and laptop for each student. They may join after school STEM programs or clubs too. The schools will use STEM curriculum. The different between STEM curriculum to regular curriculum is on its projects. STEM needs embedded projects and encourages with each discipline. Schools with STEM also will have robotic programs.

STEM programs are a great start to explore four areas of study. They are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, but creativity and innovation are missing, although these two studies are critical. Students have more experiences in four fields only. Singapore needs more than just that four fields. This country and the world need creation, ingenuity, and creation that STEM does not provide these important aspects. Singapore Primary Years Program finally completes the STEM package with STEAM. This is the next level of STEM. Students may connect their learning with arts practices, standards, elements, and design principles. They need to complete the whole pallet of their learning. There will be no more limitations on students’ learning.

STEAM vs STEM, Which One is Better?

STEAM is the next level of STEM. It means STEAM  could replace the missing parts on STEM with innovation, critique, wonder, and inquiry. We have to know that for too long in education, and teachers should ensure students to get best job although we do not care if that job is not to exist. We used to learn for something relevant, fluid, and dynamic. The better learning is when we see animals and said that science or sun is yellow and it means it is art. Singapore Primary Years Program will show the students about the complex and beautiful world. If it is possible to break down the walls and classroom doors might be the program will be applied better.

STEAM and STEM integrate standards, assessments, and topics for students to have a change in ‘merry-go-round’ school. They have to open the doors and see the real world. Teaching and learning in STEM and STEAM like to find the heart of learning. The good point is students could learn in a different dimension and open their eyes more.

International School Singapore is the one that applied for STEM and STEAM program. Helping children to notice their around early is the aim of this learning. We hope the next generation could face problems fast and find the best solution easily. For more information, you can browse from the internet. For the perfect combination fields, STEAM could be your choice. Check the schools with these programs and find their curriculum. Ensure if it is suitable for your children age. You may have more than one option to help you compare the schools’ programs.

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