Signs That It Is Time To Change Your Skincare Routine

Knowing that you look great makes you feel great. It boosts your confidence and improves your mood to let you tackle your day. Part of what makes you feel good is also having healthy-looking skin. With various skincare products available in the market today, your options are limitless. Choosing the right product for your skin and being consistent in your skincare routine is the key in getting the best results.

However, is your skincare routine still working out for you. Watch out for these tell-tale signs to know when it is time to move on and try something new.


If you are experiencing breakouts and your skin is getting worse than before you started your routine, then it is time to put a stop to the regimen. It is likely that the products are not compatible with your skin type. What worked well for others may not always necessarily work for you.

If your skin is in too much distress with issues like dehydration, clogged pores or acne breakouts, visit a professional who can offer you a facial package with treatments tailored to your condition and resolve your skin issues effectively.

No results at all  

Every skincare routine has a goal, and each product in it serves a specific purpose to meet your skin’s needs and maintain its health. Some products may take time before you can see its benefits and efficacy. On average, it takes about six to twelve weeks to see a noticeable difference after regular use. However, if there is little to no improvement, then maybe it is time to ditch that product.

Dry skin

Dry skin is another common skin issue that many people face. Skin can feel rough and tight, scaly and itchy, and it can make applying makeup a challenge. Dryness-induced fine lines can also develop, and contribute to premature ageing of the skin and formation of wrinkles.

Dry skin occurs when the skin’s natural barrier function is compromised due to external factors and causes the skin to lose its moisture easily. Treat dry skin with products that contain moisturising factors containing ingredient such as Hyaluronic Acid, or products formulated for dry skin. Dry skin can often be sensitive, so avoid products that contain skin-irritating or drying ingredients like fragrances or alcohol.

Excess oil

Sebaceous glands in the skin produce natural oils, also known as sebum, to keep the skin well-hydrated and healthy. However, there can be too much oil produced, which leads to a shiny appearance and a greasy feeling on the skin. When excess sebum combines with dead skin cells and dirt, it forms what is known as blackheads or worst, pimples.

There are many reasons that can make your skin oily; genetics, environment, age, or even using the wrong skincare product. People with oily skin still need to moisturise their skin. However, opt for moisturisers that are oil-free and water-based. Over-washing your face and overuse of chemical exfoliants and can also result in excessive oiliness. This is because your skin will feel dehydrated and overcompensate by producing more oil to prevent further loss of moisture.

Out of those we’ve included on the list, how many warning signs have you observed that is applicable to you? Don’t wait to notice for more than one sign to show. Take the opportunity to revisit your skincare routine. Shower your skin with love and it will love you back. We offer facial promotions in Singapore to help you look your best and experience a skin-pampering session.

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