Cellulite 101: What Causes It & The Right Treatment Method

In modern world, there is a big problem of over weight and fats in human body which is due to cellulite. Cellulite is defined as that condition where your skin seems very dull and rough and it looks like an orange peel. It can been seen on every parts of body which are main looking parts of human body. Cellulite may disturb all people of all age. There are many causes of cellulite. One of the main reason is increase level of hormones. The use of Junk and oily food may increase the level of hormones. In early age. we do not care for our health and we eat burgers, chicken fried pieces and other fast foods that can cause increase level of hormones. When there will be increase level of hormones, there will be increase of cellulite and when there is increase cellulite there will be more fats in body which cause increase in body weight.

Cellulite is most common in women .If you have family history of cellulite there is also risk of cellulite in your body. Cellulite may be caused due to inactive and lay life style. We can adopt many ways to decrease cellulite one of them is Anti Cellulite Massage which can stimulate deep layers of muscles and skin that help to flow of oxygenated blood to required areas which provide the important and required nutrients to improve the condition of skin. When there is a selection of anti cellulite massage, there will be breakdown of extra fat cells under the skin. So Physically breaking up fats deposits to promote better circulation, is one of the best reason of using anti-cellulite massage in Singapore.

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