Incorporating BBQ Into An Event: How It Livens Things Up

For many years, companies have always set money aside for corporate events—be it to launch a new product, gain new leads or for the purpose of advertising. These events are privately organized gatherings that are funded by businesses for the sake of the staff, stakeholders, and prospective clients. The events are meant to take people out of their daily activities, away from that desk and chair surrounded by those plain walls, out of the monotonous office clothes and more importantly to promote relaxation.

The question is, do they achieve this? You find yourself in an indoor conference with such a limited space that makes it barely possible for you to even interact. Let’s not start on the food which you seldom look forward to—yet another boring buffet with the same type of food every time. You find that not many employees are ever excited to attend the events because of all these negatives. Imagine how things would change if they included a barbecue in your corporate event. Many would be so excited to attend. Let’s talk about how bbq catering could bring some new energy to your event.

Great experience

The change in scenery to an outdoor activity is just the best. Just imagine the natural light from the sun that brings you pleasant warmth and the green grass that just smells of nature. Seeing birds just flying around chirping will make your spirit feel rejuvenated. A barbecue gives you all this as it takes place outside. The pleasant smell coming out of the smoked meat takes it all to the next level. The scent becomes so mouth-wateringly aromatic that you forget the strong cologne that you had to put up with in the conference room. A barbecue provides you with a natural setting where centerpieces can be picked out from nature. Tying on some fairy lights onto the trees can make the space even more beautiful. It is tough to forget such an incredible scene, and you will always remember the anticipation you felt when waiting for the chef to finish grilling the meat near you and the moment you took your first bite of the perfectly barbecued meat.

The freedom

Unlike a conference which has specifications on what to wear, what to drink, what time to eat and all that jazz, a barbecue gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. It is less formal, and you can decide to even wear a sundress or shorts depending on your preference. You can even have a glass of champagne or a beer. There is no guest list that you have to spend hours on compiling because the activity is outdoors, and space is not as limited. Due to the free space, people can move around and interact more. It makes it easier for so many employees to be more social under no pressure. In a barbecue, you can be as loud as you please for there is no noise restriction—making it even more fun.

Networking and advertising

The famous photographs taken for networking and advertising have always focused so much on people’s faces, which can have a powerful effect but be destructive and don’t capture the moment. What if you had pictures that captured the moment and the beautiful scenes, won’t they sell out more than those in a blue or grey suit on with tags hanging on the neck? A barbecue helps you unwind, and you find yourself having a good time without restriction, which gives out a positive impression to prospective clients, and they become more than willing to work with your company.

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