Sofa Spacing Basics: Arranging Your Sofa And Counter Properly

You need a small walkway width in your room so everyone can walk through your home with ease. Buying furniture from furniture stores Singapore and placing it is a kind of art. You need to separate furniture well and place it well to form an appealing and traffic-free way in your room. Size of a room shows the least passage space needed around and in between the furnishings.

Island Seating

If you buy a fabric sofa from and back it up to a countertop, which has stools along with it for seating, it will require additional space to walk through. People who walk behind the sofa need ample space to pass through anyone sitting there. According to the size of the stool, preferred space and size of the room, add at least 28 to 32 inches of width. Getting a rug in Singapore can also complement with your sofa.

Facing forward

If the sofa is facing forward the kitchen counter, have ample space for appeal and convenience. Use an area rug to define two different spaces. Place sofa on the far side of the rug off the kitchen to define the living room. Measure the distance of the walkway from the carpet edge off the couch to its counter. The bare floor between spaces makes a hall-like path.

Comforting rooms

Your furniture should not feel snug too uncomfortably just because you have limited space. A small-scale soda around the kitchen creates the passage on the hallway. Have at least 2 ft. space between the counter and back of the sofa for proper traffic. Getting the right dining table set is important as it gives an overall feel of your home and boost productivity.

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