How To Immerse Yourself In Singaporean Culture & Cuisine

Yes… Visiting a new place can be daunting at first, but it really helps if you are prepared for it. Well… You definitely pack all your essentials and book a hotel in advance if you have not got anyone there, but it is not necessary to splash out on a tour guide. If you are looking for experiences and things to buy in Singapore, this short guide will help you touch all the right places and have an amazing time.

Postcards, fridge magnets and key chains are a thing of the past. Now, if you are travelling to Singapore, you need to look like a Singapore return, someone who has really embraced the culture, the food and the specialty products it has to offer. If you have heard the phrase, “Live like a local”, this is what it really means:

  1. Salted Egg Chips

If you have never tried them, you are missing out on a lot. The salted egg trend is big in Singapore, and it is dangerously addictive. Get yourself some Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips at Westgate or Plaza Singapura now!

  1. Bakkwa

Seeing it, beef jerky may instantly come to mind but it is not… It is a local delicacy and something you cannot resist when you pass a stall. You can even savor different recipes at different restaurants and snack shops, and can even buy vacuum-sealed packs for your way back.

  1. Curry Puffs

May seem like a Cornish pastry, but it is a little pocket filled with golden goodness. It is filled with curried potatoes, chicken, egg, spices and herbs. An ideal midday snack we must say! You may even come across specials like Chilli Crab Curry Puffs or Nasi Lemak Curry Puffs. You can even buy other goodies like chicken wings and fish balls.

  1. Tiger Balm Ointment

You may not be familiar with camphor-based medicated balm but Singaporeans are. A formula that dates long back to Chinese Emperors, the balm was used to relieve pain from back aches, shoulders, knees, itching insect bites, and was also used to for colds. This product is a Singapore favorite, and therefore you should not leave it out of your list of things to buy in Singapore!

  1. Peranakan Culture and Cuisine

It is one of the most flavorful, vibrant and colorful cuisines. For an authentic taste, visit Clarke Quay and savor some of the chargrilled meats with their fiery sauces. Also make sure that you do not miss out on some of the Nyonya favorites from the menu.

  1. Green Pandan Cake

CNN regarded pandan cakes as “one of the world’s 17 best cakes” in 2017. It is light, moist with a wobbly green cloud full of goodness. Try it with local coffee, or one of your favorites. Visit Bengawan Solo or other bakeries for some other local treats as well.

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