What You Can Do To Enhance Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is essential for the success of any enterprise. However, Singaporean companies seem to still struggle with this aspect of a business.

In a report carried out recently on the Straits Times, it was revealed that Singaporean office workers were the least productive among 11 peer countries. According to the report, the loss of productivity costs the service industry in Singapore a staggering SGD 36.5 billion each year.

In order to increase employee productivity, you need to set the team in the right environment, motivate them and engage them. Read on to find out more and how you can consider using these strategies:

Improve workplace conditions

Start-ups can struggle with workplace conditions. Many can only afford a small office for rent and often, many things are cramped up in that space. In many cases, employees are often left to work in small areas that may be uncomfortable but also uninspiring.

You can transform it by changing the layout, removing clutter, arranging for an inflow of fresh air, lighting it up and adding a touch of nature in the décor, like a potted plant at the corner. If it is also time to upgrade into a more spacious, bigger working space, you can find affordable working spaces from the cheapest self storages in Singapore that can fit within your budget.

Provide the right tools and equipment

A major cause of inefficiency in any workspace is not having the proper tools and equipment. Your employees are not able to get the job done effectively, or they will be extremely slowed down when they don’t have the proper tools and equipment, affecting efficiency. This will lower their productivity level. Whether your business is a start-up or an emerging enterprise, you need to save time and increase productivity by investing in high quality and relevant equipment.

There are self storages in Singapore that offer large and small business spaces for rent with flexibility where you can plan the layout of workspaces, storage, furniture and equipment so you will have sufficient space for everything.

Reduce distractions

A distraction is anything that takes your attention off the primary activity, and does not add value, or is of significantly lower value than the primary task. This can be anything from indulging in social media during work hours to distracting noises (such as phones ringing or other people’s conversations) when you want to focus. Also, distractions can be in the form of the physical environment. A cluttered workplace is full of distractions and inefficient.

Set up ‘quiet zones’ at the workplace where employees can retreat for focused work. If you need extra space for storage of office belongings, rent a unit from the cheapest self-storage in Singapore to accommodate all the clutter temporarily.

Engage and motivate employees

Besides upgrading your business space, employees need to be engaged and motivated. Performing the same duties 40 hours a week may become tedious and too monotonous. Consider aligning job tasks that suit an employee’s abilities and rotate job responsibilities from time to time whenever possible.

You can also change up your workspace by introducing a video game corner for example, for a fun break time. Employees can de-stress, spend some leisure time and bond with one another. Alternative work policies can be adopted to maximize spatial efficiency and boost productivity.

In most self-storages in Singapore, you can find working spaces for lease where you can introduce open-plan and unassigned seating arrangement as well as multi-use furniture to encourage mobility of employees. This can help enhance better flexibility to daily movement, different workflows and collaboration.


Low levels of productivity in the workspace can impact your business’ sustainability. By ensuring you work towards enhancing their efficiency, it can go a long way in ensuring the growth of your business.


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