Steps You Can Take To Maximise Small Working Spaces

The working space is a critical element of how productive one can be in that environment. Working in a cramped space and feeling confined can lower productivity and affect your mental and physical wellbeing. When the workspace is limited, functionality and organisation can become more valued.

There are self storages in Singapore that provide a variety of workspace sizes. If moving to a bigger work space for rent is not practical for your business currently, having several space saving-ideas could make a world of difference. Here are 5 tips to help you maximize your small working space.

Declutter and remove unnecessary furniture or appliances

Workspace clutter may range from items or materials that date back many years to recent acquisitions that are no longer needed or necessary. Sort out the items in your workspace and allocate them into various categories so you can decide which you need to retain or trash. Aside from material things, you can also designate specific areas as zones or to place a particular furniture piece for maximum use of the available floor space.

With minimal clutter and smart arrangement of furniture, your team will feel like there’s a lot more space in the office. It will be less cramped, more attractive and less stressful for you and your team.

Review the layout 

Consider reviewing the working space layout in order to enhance the meeting of minds, and linking of ideas to spur collaboration and trigger creativity. Discuss what your team ideally needs, whether more personal or open collaborative spaces would enhance their productivity and suit their nature of work.

You can arrange the desks in rows facing each other to ease communication or in groups to enhance collaboration and problem-solving. Alternatively, use rotational setups to enhance diversity in the team. Ensure that your layout also complements daily business operational activities.

Let in more light

If you are renting a small business space for rent from Singapore’s self-storages, you can make the space work for you by the amount of light coming into the space. Proper lighting of a room goes a long way in maximizing office space, and where it is possible, let in as much natural light as possible. Making the room brighter can go a long way in improving the moods of employees and help them be more productive at their job. Natural light is also known to increase alertness levels.

Use moveable furniture

One of the best ways you can maximize your small working space is by using moveable furniture that is space-saving at the same time. This may be in the form of furniture on wheels or collapsible furniture. It borrows from the minimalist furniture concept, only better because you can fold up a piece of furniture that you don’t need at the moment and create space.

Chairs that are not used daily can be simply taking up space, so you can opt to swap them for stackable alternatives. They can be stored away when not in use. Another example is mobile desks, such as laptop tables which can be moved through the workspace with ease. This makes anywhere in the workspace suitable to be transformed into a space for you to work in.

When you are able to maximize the space in your working space effectively, you can promote enhanced productivity and worker satisfaction.

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