Making The Kitchen More Organised Effortlessly

Do you have a brimming cupboard, overflowing pantries and an overcrowded kitchen top? With an untidy kitchen, locating specific items in such a space will be difficult and not to mention a huge waste of time. The cluttered life need not be your fate, try these expert kitchen organisation tricks to make cooking a more enjoyable process!

Organise those lids

Pan lids can get really messy. Coming in various shapes and sizes, pan lids tend to make shelves look disorganised. Instead of stacking them up, try hanging them up on walls using magazine racks or hooks, to free up the counter space.

Food containers

Certain dry produce can be quite bulky and space-consuming. In this instance, storage jars can help keep your kitchen organised. Instead of stacking packs of rice or cereal in your kitchen cabinets, pour these contents into separate airtight transparent glass containers and label them accordingly. This way, you can see everything in a glance!

Use kitchen organisers

Improve the appearance of your kitchen with organisers such as racks, drawers or baskets. Store all the spices, cutlery and assorted sauces in the organisers to free up the area for other items.

Install tension rods

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You will be surprised at how much space freed up after using tension rods. You can install them under kitchen cabinets, the sink or even along the kitchen walls. The rods can hold your cleaning detergents, kitchen towels and cooking pans, even those with huge lids. Not sure of where to get them? Try looking for stores in Singapore with commercial kitchen supplies!

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