Unique, Must-Try Shopping Experiences In Singapore

Singapore is well-known for its shopping malls and has even been tagged as one of the countries with the eBay shopping malls in the world. And shopping in Singapore is a never-to-be-missed activity. Therefore, if you are not interested in the high street brands and luxury stores, then go out in search of local bargains just like real Singaporean locals do.

1. Wet markets

Instead of going to the malls to get your groceries and fresh food, why not go to Singapore’s wet markets?  You will find all the fresh food you need at these markets from fruits, vegetables, black chicken to Seafood. The wet markets provide an alternative avenue to do all your shopping in Singapore.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Give yourself some tender loving care by locating a traditional Chinese medicine store. This practice has been on for thousands of years, and it is the best way to experience some eastern medicine. Medical tourism is a thing and one of the many things to do when shopping in Singapore. You can visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, explain your ailment and they will concoct a remedy for you.

3. Antiques

While shopping in Singapore, buying antiques is one of the things to do. You can take back some antiques as a souvenir for your loved ones or yourself to remind you of the time you had in Singapore. You will find some of the best antique stores on Craig Road, and unlike shopping at the malls, you can haggle and bargain prices as you like.

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