Essential Things A Company Dinner & Dance Must Not Lack

A company Dinner and Dance is a uniquely Singaporean tradition. It is when a company spends resources organising a large party for all its employees to celebrate the hard work they have put in for the year. Often held in hotels or large ballrooms, the Dinner & Dance will require employees to come decked in their most gorgeous attire – from tuxedos to ballroom gowns. Employees who attend the Dinner & Dance will get the chance to build on existing relationships with their colleagues and even meet new colleagues who work in other departments. It is also an opportunity for the company to show its employees that they are appreciative of the hard work they have put in for the year. In summary, the Dinner & Dance is a social gathering that involves everyone in the company.

There are three crucial elements that make up a great Dinner & Dance event:

Delicious food and drinks

Many companies have their Dinner & Dance events at a hotel and it is for a good reason. Perhaps the most important element of a Dinner & Dance is, well, the dinner. A scrumptious feast is expected at every Dinner & Dance, consisting of a few courses for the meal. In Singapore, a variety of cuisines are served but the most common are Chinese and Western cuisines. Sometimes, instead of having waiters, companies may opt for a buffet spread instead, allowing all employees to eat to their hearts’ content. Of course, the companion of delicious food for a party are drinks. If the Dinner & Dance is held in a hotel, there will likely be a free flow of red or white wine, so employees can drink as much as they like. There might even be an open bar with a bartender who can mix different drinks to the employees’ liking! A good Dinner & Dance must serve a satisfying and delightful dinner.

Lucky Draw

Another key part of the Dinner & Dance is the lucky draw. This draw is hosted by an emcee on the stage and offer a large variety of amazing prizes, which can include hotel staycations, airfare tickets, the latest gadgets and more. The company hosting the Dinner & Dance should set aside a fair budget for the lucky draw as the quality of the prizes are somewhat representative of the company’s willingness to spend on their valuable employees. Of course, as with all lucky draws, there may be some guests who leave with a slightly sour feeling in their mouths. To avoid such scenarios, some companies instead provide a door gift in addition to the lucky draw, so everyone is certain to walk away with something for the night.

Photo booth

Lastly, the Dinner & Dance would not be complete without a photo booth. It would be a wasted opportunity if employees – decked out in their finest outfits – are not given an opportunity to take a gorgeous picture of themselves. An instant photo booth provides them with that opportunity. All employees can snap a picture with their colleagues and receive a printout within a minute after the picture is taken. The photo booth will also provide props for guests to have fun with their photos, such as placards or plushies, allowing them to show off their individual personality. Employees can take as many pictures as they like at no additional expense of the company. In addition to receiving their 4R printed picture, all guests can also retrieve their photos online via Facebook or a specially printed QR code immediately after they receive their printed picture. The finest photo booth in Singapore will make guests wow with excitement at any Dinner & Dance event.


A Dinner & Dance event is certainly something that all employees look forward to attending. With these three key elements, a Dinner & Dance will definitely be a complete and worthwhile experience for all attendees.

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