What About International Schools In Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful island city, just off Southern Malaysia. It is a global financial centre and a city filled with multicultural population. This beautiful island city holds a great historical significance and is home to many unique relics from the past, including one of Buddha’s original teeth.

Apart from its historical and financial significance, Singapore is also popularly known for its strong educational system followed by major International Schools. This provides a unique opportunity for all the businessmen and other people migrating here to educate their children in the top International Schools in Singapore.

Why choose International Schools in Singapore?

Every parent in the world cares about their children’s education, which is why they always try to figure out whether the school they chose is worth it or not. Therefore, even though there are highly reputed international schools in Singapore, it is important to know why education here is a viable option for your children.

Since the number of expats entering the city has increased largely, International schools in Singapore have greatly bloomed over the last few decades. These schools are known for their high teaching standards and a very challenging study curriculum.

One of the most relieving points about the education in International schools here is that major teaching is done in English, which is commonly the most preferred language for expats.

Singaporean International Schools also focuses on encouraging critical thinking skills in student, while helping them develop their personalities in an all rounded manner. Most of these schools in Singapore follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum, while others may follow the education system that is more commonly used in their home countries.

Education System in Singapore

In Singapore, education is given a high priority. This presents an opportunity for the expats to study in some of the finest schools in Southeast Asia. Education here follows a simple system starting from Primary education, followed by Secondary and then finally leading up to pre-college and university.

The first 10 years of education is managed by Ministry of Education. These 10 years are divided into 6 years of Primary education, which usually starts at the age of seven, and 4 to 5 years of Secondary education.

At the end of the Primary education, all the students have to write Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), based on these results students are promoted to the Secondary education. At the end of the Secondary education, all the students then sit for the UK based GCE ‘O’ level examination or the IB program, based on these results, students can enrol into higher education courses.

What expat parents should be prepared for?

Every expat parent is advised to bring along their children’s report cards and letters of recommendation, which are necessary for admission process. Also, in some International schools, the tuition fee is way too high when compared to the fee charge by local schools in the city.

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