Post-Treatment Tips For A Microneedling Treatment

When people hear of microneedling, many start to think of the hundreds of tiny needles poking into the skin on your face. With that number of needles on your face, you’re probably thinking that it is a painful procedure.

Well, despite how terrifying it sounds, it is actually an acne treatment that is trending and is the most recommended skin care procedure in the beauty industry at the moment. From treatment of cystic acne scars to treating enlarged pores, micro needling is effective and highly preferred.

Throughout this article, you will get a better understanding of microneedling and find out the tips that should be followed after a microneedling session.

What is Microneedling?

No one ever looks forward to a day when they would have needles sticking into the skin of their face. However, nobody wishes for cystic acne or any other skin issues, hence, it explains the need for procedures like micro needling. The treatment has been in place since the early 90s, but it only recently got wide acceptance from the medical and skin care world.

Micro-needling is a treatment in which lots of tiny needles (up to thousands) poke into your skin to make a puncture in the top layer of the skin. Are you probably thinking they may cause wounds to your skin? No, don’t worry about that. They will not cause any damage.

The reason why the punctures are created is to make the skin feel injured and thus, stimulate the production of collagen. Trained and licensed dermatologists, aestheticians and plastic surgeons are allowed to carry out this procedure on patients. The procedure is minimally invasive, and it is not dangerous in any way to human health.

Micro-needling has a lot of benefits attached to it which include improving the texture of the skin and is used to treat various skin problems such as scarring, cystic acne scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, brown spots, and fine lines.

Now that you are aware of how this treatment works, the next thing you should understand is the tips that you have to follow after such a microneedling session.

Avoid exposing your skin to the sun

The effect of the sun is not friendly to your skin especially if you recently went through a microneedling procedure. Always wear sunscreen and cover your face. Also, make sure you use only a sunscreen that your dermatologist recommends.

Keep your face clean at all times

Within 72 hours after your session, always clean your face with a mild cleanser. Avoid any harsh products or chemicals. Also, keep a makeup-free face for the first one or two weeks so that your skin can breathe.

Avoid any products that contain active ingredients

Active ingredients like hydroxy acids, retinol, and other chemicals are not suitable for your sensitive face after your microneedling session.

Stay hydrated

To recover faster, it is vital that you drink a lot of water. You should also use prescribed collagen stimulants so that your skin can produce more collagen and your skin will recover on time.

With these tips, we hope that you will be prepared when your scheduled appointment for your microneedling treatment arrives and you will get the results that you desire.

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