5 Easy Tips You Can Use To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

Most brides are constantly searching for ways to cut costs for their weddings without necessarily sacrificing its overall look.

The flower arrangements, in particular, are the first thing most brides consider saving money on. However, as most of them do not have substantial knowledge about wedding flowers, they just move on to another aspect as they’re afraid to mess it up. But, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Below, you’ll find a lot of money-saving tips that will help you buy bridal flowers in Singapore that are not only arresting but affordable as well.

1.    Talk To Your Florist

Never be afraid to tell your florist that you’re looking to cut costs. In fact, be honest about your budget and let them know upfront. This way, they will know what exactly they are dealing with and are able to find ways to fit what you want while considering your budget. Moreover, it is always a good idea to seek advice from your florist as they are experts in this field, additionally, they will make sure to pick out beautiful wedding flowers that are surely worth your money.

2.    Go Seasonal (and Local)

Imported flowers cost a lot. There’s just no way to get around that. Local and in-season flowers, however, guarantee you the cheapest price possible, as well as the freshest blooms. Paired with year-round blossoms such as roses, calla lilies, and orchids, a mix of local and in-seasoned flowers will save you a lot of money without compromising the beauty of your wedding.

3.    Never Count Out a Variety

You may think that you don’t like regular roses or carnations, but you’d be surprised with the kind of look that a florist can pull off with the right arrangement.

Always be open to what your florist suggests. Ask to see examples, whenever possible. Who knows, you might find yourself the kind of floral arrangement that you exactly want. And when you think about it, you might have not been able to achieve such a stunning flower arrange if you had closed your mind and counted out a particular variety of flowers just because you “didn’t like how it looked”.

4.    The Fewer, The Better

If your florist doesn’t have to worry about sourcing for many types of stems, he or she can buy the stems in bulk and help you save tons of money in terms of costs.

As always, just make sure that you and your florist are on the same page on this. Talk to them about what exactly is it that you want and if there’s a way to pull off that particular look while also sticking with just two or three stems.

5.    Repurpose Flowers

Whoever said that a ceremony arrangement was only meant for the altar, clearly didn’t know what they were saying.

Both ceremony and aisle arrangements can be repurposed and used once the ceremony is over and people have finally left the banquet. That archway, for one, can make for a unique entrance/exist, while bouquets can help add a splash of colour to the cake table.

There are many ways for you to be creative with your flower arrangement, just make sure to talk to your florist to see what they can do about repurposing ceremony flowers so you get the most out of your money.

It is not impossible for you to buy wedding flowers that will help to complement your overall wedding look but still allow you to stay within your allocated budget, as long as you do it right you can still save a lot of money when it comes to buying wedding flowers!

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