What Are The Costs For International Schools In Singapore

As a parent planning to send your kids to an international school Singapore, there are so many things that make up the total cost of attending these schools. From registration fees to lunch fees and the full tuition fees, let’s take a look at the entire picture.

Tuition fees for international school Singapore can be in the region of $18,000 to $36,000 annually. Enrolling your child in an international school Singapore is a bit of a big deal, and the total cost encompasses a lot of items such as application and registration fees, building maintenance levy, parents’ association contribution, exams fees, insurance, etc. Quality education undoubtedly is the best investment, and this is one thing that international schools offer, but it is equally important that the school you choose for your children is suitable for your family and you can afford it. Below are some fee facts about international school Singapore.

  1. The average annual tuition is usually around $27,000, and that is the highest you will ever have to pay. Applying to some schools can cost up to $4,500 at some schools while it is free at some others. Some school offer a partial refund.
  2. Feeding at the school canteen can be around $900 and $1,800 annually. A daily bus ride through a year can cost as little as $1,100 or as much as $6,100.
  3. The cost of school uniforms can be as low as $30 or as high as $250.

Some other variable costs that you may have to pay for include books, exams, extracurricular activities, learning support, excursions, insurance, learning the English Language as a Second Language. For some of these fees, you only have to pay once. So, once you pay for the first year, you do not have to pay any more.

For families with more than one child enrolled in one school, some international schools Singapore offer discounts. Some schools allow payment of fees in instalments while others make it compulsory that all payments should be made upfront and at once. As a child grows and moves up a class or age group, school fees increase so, if you will leave your child to attend an international school Singapore for a long time, make sure you check what the school fees will be as your child progresses in age and class.

The bottom line is, International school Singapore is expensive, and it is tough for non-Singaporeans to get into local schools. So, foreigners are usually left with the option of enrolling their children in international schools. Although the international schools are expensive for good reasons as they have the best teachers, top-notch facilities and the chance to learn in a multi-cultural learning environment. It is a worthy investment and one of the most important ones you will make. Therefore, you have to settle down, research, check and compare options before making a choice.

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