What Are The Common Reasons For Neck Pain

Neck pain could be really frustrating and irritating at times. One cannot focus on the work at hand when neck pain strikes. So, it can have drastic effects on your life. In order to get it treated, you need to know the main reason behind it. Neck problems are like an epidemic in Singapore.

Neck pains could be seen as the most common problem that people experience. Neck pain could happen due to various reasons like sitting at desks for long hours, staring at phones, lifting heavy objects, stress, bad sleeping postures, and many others.

Here, some of the common reasons why you may have neck pain. These include:

Strained Neck Muscles

In young people, neck pains commonly occur due to strained neck muscles or one can say overuse of muscles. The main cause for strained muscles is flexing down the head while working. It occurs when we stare at mobile devices and text with head bending position for a longer period of time. Working on the computer or reading while lying down on the bed can also trigger neck pains.

Whiplash Injury

This injury is caused by the sudden movement of the neck and head. When the head snaps back and forth, nerves, muscles, and ligaments get stretched out. It can occur in cars with a rear-end collision or during physical activity like sports. Most people who experience whiplash injuries feel better within some weeks or months. However, it can damage necks badly in some cases.

Bad Posture

Neck pains are commonly caused due to bad postures while sitting, standing, or sleeping. Most people wake up with their necks hurting because of the tensed muscles during a disturbed sleep. This type of neck pain recovers within a week.

Infected Lymph Node

Neck pains can be due to swollen lymph nodes at any age. It causes irritation and spasms in the neck muscles. An infected lymph node can result in poor blood circulation and then, become a trigger knot.


Most of the muscles feel relax when not in use, but some muscles in the body need to be working all the time to keep them upright. So, neck muscles must be tensed all the time; otherwise, our head would fall forwards while standing or sitting. On the other hand, excessive work done by these muscles can also result in neck pains.

Incorrect Workouts

Sometimes, neck pain occurs when we perform workouts incorrectly. So, you need to pay special attention to the body posture while performing workouts.

Non-specific Neck Pain

Most of the times, people develop a painful neck and stiff neck for no specific reason. It can be due to a minor twisting injury while performing day-to-day activities. There is no specific reason behind the cause of this neck pain and hence, called as non-specific ones.

In order to get neck pain treatment, you need to know what the diagnosis will reveal. For this, you have to visit a good chiropractor in Singapore.

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