7 Ways To Improve Your Child’s IQ In International Schools

If there are a lot of instances in which we noticed that our child does not improve in academics and other stuff then it is already a red signal that your child does not fit in a certain school. Even your child is studying in the top international school in Singapore we still do not know if your child will become effective in that school. That is why we came up with some tips on how you can determine if your child does not fit on a certain school. So here it is:

  • Low grades with no improvements – you can easily determine if a certain school does not do well in developing your child in terms of academics is by seeing the easiest subject of your child. Check the grade of your child on their easiest subject and from that see if it is acceptable if it is lower than your expectations it is time to move your child next school year to another school.
  • Your child complains a lot – a child will mostly be open if he or she is not comfortable on a certain surrounding that they are exposed to. This is the time to evaluate if the school is really worth it of the money that you are paying.
  • The school has a lot of extra fees that they are charging – always check if the fees that the school of your child is charging are reasonable. If it is overpriced and you think that it is frequently done by the school for no valid reasons at all then it is time to step back and plan to move your child on the next school year.
  • Interview your child about the school works – it is a good step for you to know if the school is really exceptional. So what are the specific questions that you should ask your child?
  • Does your teacher discuss the lessons all the time or just gives paper works frequently?
  • Does the school canteen sell quality and nutritious foods only?
  • How’s the facility? Are the utility personnel manage to maintain the cleanliness of the facilities such as comfort rooms and classrooms?
  • How’s the ambiance on the school does it have a lot of bullies?
  • How’s the school premises is it secured or not?

Those are some few questions that you might ask your child to know if the school that they are enrolled in really fits them. You can add up some additional questions according to your preference.

So those are some of the tips that we can give you in assessing if the current school of your child is really the right one for them. Do not hesitate to transfer them as soon as possible because subpar schools can compromise the performance of your child and will affect them in the long run and you do not want that to happen because the future of your child is at stake here and you must not ruin it.

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