4 Steps To Remember When Catering For A Kid’s Party

Including children as part of your target audience is an excellent business plan. Not only does it expand your business, it helps you gain exposure amongst the adults.  While it might seem like an easy task, the first step is to ensure that you engage the relevant catering equipment suppliers in Singapore. Here are four more things to take note of.

Customise your services

The services you offer have to be relevant to the children. It needs to have the right balance of an enjoyable experience while enticing parents in terms of price and value. For example, if you’re a venue provider, be sure to include sufficient child-friendly hand-washing points. Alternatively, you can engage your favourite Singapore catering equipment suppliers to provide child-oriented items such as cutlery, furniture and decor.

Revamp your menu

Your menu has to appeal to children’s unique palate. Favour food items that are delicious, easy to consume, unnoticeably healthy and ‘fun’. These items should not be too messy and most importantly, should not be choking hazards. Foods such as mini sandwiches, fish fingers and mini burgers are some considerations. You can also consider including some local delicacies like satay or pau. However, try modifying the presentation of the satay by eliminating the sticks.

Children-experienced staff

It is crucial that your team is trained to, or has experience handling children. This is especially important if they are the ones supervising the event or if they are required to interact with the children. Ensure they have the relevant knowledge and skills. Additionally, inform your Singapore catering equipment supplier to train your staff in handling the new child-friendly equipment before the event.

Damage control 

It is essential to keep an eye on children at all times. You should constantly be alert of potential emergencies such as choking, cuts, falls and damage to equipment. That said, always have a staff trained in first-aid on hand at events.

With these tips in mind, you may have a better idea on how to cater and prepare for children events.

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