How To Transform The Boring Bedside Table

  • A wooden box in suspension

An ideal option for those who do not deposit many objects on the bedside tables, which do not need to have drawers, but simply be a support element to put a couple of books, the alarm clock and little else. It is a model that you can make even yourself with just 4 woods since you only need to fasten it well on the wall.

  • Bedside table with stacked boxes

It is a functional and decorative idea at the same time; it serves as a support, like all bedside tables, but it adds a bookcase or bookcase furniture function to display decorative accessories.

  • Pop Art in the bedroom

This bedside cabinet has been embellished with paint and newspaper clippings to create a creative design piece that we can all imitate at home. All we need is newspaper clippings, glue, and some paint.

  • Recycling And transformation

On many occasions, we dispose of furniture that contains parts that can be recycled: legs, some wooden planks, etc. In this case, a desk drawer has been recycled to transform it into a bedside table. It is as simple as screwing it to the wall, as, only that the bottom of the drawer has an interesting hole for storage and anti-fall of delicate objects such as mobile phones or glasses.

  • Use a ladder to get a special corner

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most creative ideas, so not everyone is able to dare to implement it in their bedroom. For starters, no stairs are worth. It should be one that has some steps (which will act as shelves) wide enough and deep enough so that you can leave your things and be practical. You can also add in a 2 seater sofa to enhance the look and feel of the room.

  • Transform Wood as a bedside table

If you want the right piece of wood to be found on the recycling yard then it’s your duty to use it well to make that legendary beside table through it.

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