Where Can You Get Affordable Electronics In Singapore

Sim Lim Square

Situated in Rochor Canal Road, the Sim Lim Square is one of the well-established store as well as a well-stocked electronic mall in Singapore. Besides being located in an incredible location, Sim Lim Square electronic mall offer only the best as well as the latest digital gadgets of times ranging from laptops, DSLR, latest playing stations, Xboxes as well as mobile accessories.

Lucky Plaza

Situated on 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza is packed with hordes of latest electronic gadgets in the market. At this mall, you will be able to purchase the latest electronic gadget at a great discount during this festive season. Some of the devices you can easily locate in this plaza include wireless chargers, Bluetooth supported woofers, wireless earphones, Digital cameras and so forth. With a well-packed wallet, you will be able to walk home with will well-packed bag of gadgets as well.


Situated on 145 Syed Alwi Road, Mustafa Centre is a must go store for all electronic shoppers. Mustafa not only offer the best as well as the latest gadget, it as well provides the best pricing for the entire gadget in their store. Whenever shopping in Singapore, ensure that you have a look at what Mustafa has on offer. It could be a surprise to you that you might walk home with the most adorable and more so the latest digital gadget. The store opens daily from 24/7, thus making it more convenient for any shopper visiting Singapore.

When going shopping in Singapore first, you need to have a clear mind of what you want to purchase, besides the price. But more importantly, you need understand what gadget is trending in the market, for instance, wireless devices are taking the electronics industry by storm; therefore when shopping in Singapore look for something trendy as well as trading at a discount. Lastly, have a clear map of the electronic shops or store to repress chances of moving anyhow around the city.

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