Ways To Improve Your Child’s Grade In An International School

Most parents enrol their child in an international school as they want them to get the best education and build a strong foundation that can truly be an advantage for them in the future. However, getting high grades will be tough because of the very high standards of these types of schools, especially if your child is in one of the top international schools in Singapore.

So, how exactly can you make sure that your child is able to catch up with such standards? Well, here we have a couple of tips you can follow to help your child in his or her journey.

Determine your child’s strong and weak points

This is a crucial step that you must not overlook if you want your child to succeed in an international school. You can check on your child’s grade by looking at the report card to find out which of them is their best and worst subjects. From there, you will be able to pinpoint the subject that your child is experiencing difficulties in and help him or her to tackle this issue.

What you should do before taking any sort of action is to understand from your child’s point of view on why he or she obtain such a score on that particular subject. Make sure that you do not confront them in a manner that will make them frightened or upset, as after all, you are their role model and if you do so they will be afraid to approach you next time. There are several underlying reasons why a child is scoring low grades or even flunking a subject, it can be a problem with the teacher or difficulties comprehending the lessons, facilities and so on.

After you have found out the exact reason to why your child is scoring such grades, then you can start to take specific actions like personally tutor your child or hire a certified tutor to assist your child in improving his or her grades if you do not have the time to do so.

Provide your child with nutritious foods and vitamins

Make sure that your child is having a balanced diet and is getting the right nutrients to help nurture his or her brain. Though gaining the knowledge itself from lessons are indeed important, you also have to make sure that they’re eating proper food. By consuming the right foods, your child will be given the proper nutrients which will help to ensure that your child understands the lessons well.

There are plenty of foods that will help you boost your brain and memory, you just have to do some research or seek advice from a professional nutritionist. Some of the foods that are great for your child include blueberries, turmeric, broccoli, oranges, eggs and many other foods.

Motivate your child with words

This tip is especially important for boosting your child’s confidence in school because once you say a compliment or two to his or her achievements, you can be sure that they will strive harder because they notice that you are appreciating their efforts. When you can recognise their efforts, you are also making sure that you are developing a deeper bond with your child.

Using your words is one thing, but another way to make sure that your child is much more motivated is to reward them once in a while so that they feel more accomplished when they achieve good grades.

Now that you know about these ways, you should implement them immediately to watch your child’s potential rise to the very top when it comes to academics. As long as you give your child the proper attention that they need, they will be able to maximize their talent and capabilities to the point that stiff competition in an international school won’t even matter.

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