When Should You Purchase New Kitchen Equipment?

In addition to maintaining the hygiene level of your kitchen, it is equally important to ensure that your crockery, utensils and appliances are in working order. But when exactly is it time to switch your existing equipment out for new kitchen tools? Listed below are four signs that your kitchen tools are in need of an overhaul.

Broken/cracked handles

Are the handles of your pet cracked, or even worse, broken? If so, it’s time to trade it in for a new piece of crockery. Not only is there a chance of the cracked handle breaking, the broken pot may lead to burning incidents. It is advisable to opt for ceramic pots (this is due to their durability) and to carry regular maintenance sessions for your crockery.

Generally old kitchen equipment

Especially for equipment that has been in your kitchen for five years or longer, it is recommended to look into upgrading your kitchen tools. To ensure optimal efficiency and productivity, crockery and kitchen appliances should, in addition to regular maintenance, be replaced accordingly.

With a constant stream of new kitchen tools, the pay off from investing in new equipment may be better as compared to the cost of maintaining the existing appliances. With the added features and prolonged shelf life, new may just be better.

Discoloured appliances

Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, the continual use of discoloured kitchen appliances may be detrimental to the diner’s health. While it is possible to restore the colour of your equipment, discoloured tools are signs that they are past their optimal shelf life.

Small kitchen equipment

Although there is nothing quite wrong with smaller kitchen appliances, it is advisable to upgrade them to more sizeable ones, especially so for those with large families or commercial kitchens. With these new and bigger equipment, you’ll no longer worry in cases or large get-togethers or family dinners.

Looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances and are unsure of which to get? Feel free to consult any of Singapore’s restaurant equipment suppliers and have them advice on the most suitable equipment for your kitchen.

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