Improve Teamwork In The Office With These Fun Activities

Have you noticed your colleagues becoming more restless and gloomy lately? Then maybe it is time you started planning on an outside team excursion.

This is a fantastic way to ease employee pressure, improve interaction, self-esteem, enthusiasm, and efficiency. You might be thinking team–building activities are supposed to be dull since they are meant for informative purposes. However, they should be pleasurable just like any other game. They will benefit you and your team members in a lot of ways. While engaging, you will get entertained, familiarize and learn from each other.

Whether your business is small, medium or large, you will significantly benefit from these activities. You will realize strong unity among colleagues is a significant aspect of an institution’s growth. The stronger the bond between your co-workers is, the higher the rate of your company’s achievement.

Below, you will find some of the best activities to build teamwork which will involve minimal grunts and complaints, on top of that, you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet while doing it.

Two Truths and One Lie Game

If you are in an institution where coworkers have not fully known each other, then this is an excellent game for deepening the bonds. Just like how introductions are in the beginning, this is similar in the sense that both of them involves new insights about each other. The only difference is that this game is way more fun than just introducing names.

Begin by forming a circle, then give everyone a chance to present themselves. Once you have said your name, tell your colleagues three details about yourself. Out of these, one is supposed to be a lie. The fun part is when your workmates have to guess which one is false.

The Secret Banquet

If you’re a fan of mastery, then you will absolutely love this idea.

It is an arranged banquet whereby you are not supposed to know the venue. However, you will be informed of the time and date. In the evening of the set day, inform each person the name of the venue, and whom they will be going with. This will give them sufficient time to organize.

Keep in mind that the venues do not necessarily have to be cafes. You may also send the small groups to someone’s home. These secret banquets encourage random groups from your company to interact while mutually having dinner.

Canoe Game

Canoeing is fantastic when you want to encourage group work. All you need to do is gather random coworkers in different canoes to paddle together. You may even award points to the fastest paddlers, and have the winners get some reward. Or if you’re feeling mischievous, you can come up with a penalty or forfeit for the losing team.

You will interact and have fun without getting into the water. In case you are wondering where to access the boats, you may visit your nearest rivers. Usually, they offer canoes for rent.

Escape Room Game

Unlike the other games, this activity will require your colleagues to engage in role-playing. Usually, you will lock individuals in a venue referred to as an escape room, and then give them the assignment to tackle the unknown within a specific time-frame. After they resolve the task or time elapses, you may free them.

Every escape room revolves around a certain theme, such as a deserted house, graveyard or spacecraft. Afterwards, you will have to solve a mystery or just find hints or clues to escape the room with your team. Through this, you will improve the bonding experience for your employees as they will be compelled to work collectively to resolve the room’s mystery.


Say no more to boredom in your office or workplace. With these great ideas to build teamwork, you will not only boost your coworkers’ productivity, but you will find it easy to engage with each other. Whether you are looking for what the escape room in Singapore is all about or if you are planning to do a secret banquet, just remember that you are doing this for the sake of your employees and company.

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