The Best Clubs To Join In An International School

International schools offer a lot of learning potential for its students because of its top of the line education. Academics aside, you will also find that your child can enhance various additional skills by joining the clubs within the school.

Your education is important, but there are some things that even books and theories can’t teach and sometimes the best way to find out your hidden potential is to commit yourself to other activities.

After all, who knows? You might have a hidden talent that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Now, to help you bring out the potential of your child, here are a few suggested clubs that he or she can join to gain extra skills and have a splendid time at.

Bookworm Club

As the club name states itself, this place is the perfect paradise for book-lovers. Not only will you be able to enhance your reading comprehension skills and develop your love for books even further, but you will also be able to meet all kinds of other book-lovers who have such a hobby as well!

You can share your passion for your favourite books and authors that you have in mind, while also digesting all the new information that you have about the new books and authors that you have learnt from your new found friends. What’s more, it is also an excellent way for your child to get exposed to the different genres of books to further enrich their knowledge.

Toastmasters Club

Though the actual activities for each Toastmaster club will differ from school to school, you will find that most activities are centred around declamation and poem recitals.

Well, if your child is somewhat shy around others and usually has a hard time speaking up during presentations, then is the perfect way for them to be more outspoken. It will naturally take some time for him or her to open up, but after a while, you’ll notice that the public speaking skills will come in handy and eventually rub off on your child.

Arts Club

Now, if you intend to open up your child’s creative thinking, then you should definitely get him or her to join the Arts club. In this club, your child will be exposed to different kinds of arts such as painting, building crafts, and other types of activities that are art-related.

It will allow your child to think out of the box and come up with a design that will amaze the rest of the club and teachers. Compared to the other clubs, an Art club is less competitive as ultimately, it depends on your creativity and each one of us has a different imagination and mind so most of the artworks or designs will naturally be different.

Your child will be able to take their mind off things or schoolwork for a while and simply indulge in the pleasure of arts, and not to forget, boost their creative skills as well.

Theatre and Drama Club

If you noticed that your child is rather good at impersonating famous artistes or enjoys doing skits every now and then, then the Theatre and Drama Club is the answer for him or her. This club will surely leave a remarkable impact on a child, more particularly in an international school in Singapore as it enhances the social skills, critical thinking and memorization skills of a child.

Your child will be able to witness the many spectacular performances by the other children in the school and also be a part of one of them. Moreover, as there are all kinds of students with diverse cultures, your child will be able to forge new friendships and be able to understand the students better.

And the best thing about this club is that you can let loose, have fun and forget about all that pile of work for a while.

When your child is a part of such clubs, he or she will naturally benefit a lot as they will be able to learn many new things and even bring out a hidden potential in them. However, these are just some of the suggested clubs. At the end of the day, you should observe your child, or get him or her to voice out their passion or hobby. In that way, your child will be able to enjoy their time in the club and acquire new skills.

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