6 Activities That Might Cause You To Contract An STD

In Singapore, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are very seldom talked about in households, as we rarely ever discuss sex with our family. Many teenagers and young adults in Singapore engage in sexual activity, but rarely talk about it. This poses a danger to their sexual health, as they may not know the proper procedures to protect themselves against STDs, which means that they can contract an STD without even knowing about it. They can even engage in activities that increase their risk of contracting an STD.

From an STD clinic in Singapore, here are some activities that make it more likely for an individual to contract an STD.

Having a lot of sex with many partners

Hookups are more common than ever, but if you do have one-off sex with many different partners then that can become worrying. The more different parties you have sex with, the more likely it is that you would contract an STD from one of those encounters. This situation could apply with multiple partners over the course of weeks or months, or multiple partners in the same night (i.e. if you have sex with many people at one go).

Having sex with sex workers

Sex workers pose a great risk to sexual health, as you never really know whether they used protection in their previous encounters. Some sex workers do comply with clients’ requests to not use protection, and may lie about it to future clients. There are no laws that can be in effect should you contract an STD from a sex worker. If you engage the services of sex workers often, you might be at a higher risk of contracting an STD.

Having sex while intoxicated

Alcohol can greatly impair our sense of judgement. When you have sex while drunk, you may opt not to use protection for convenience’s sake. You may not even remember what happened during the intercourse. Try not to have sex under the influence of alcohol – after all, the best times are when you are living your life sober.

Having sex with drugs

Known as “chemsex” to social workers, this is probably the most dangerous activity in this list. Besides it being illegal, drug use can also greatly impair your consciousness and ability to make decisions. If you have ever engaged in chemsex, it’s recommended you go for an STD testing in Singapore soon after, to ensure that you do not have any STDs.

Having sex without protection

Without condoms, sex poses a significantly higher risk of contracting STDs. Condoms act as a barrier of protection between you and your partners, thereby reducing the chance that sexual fluids from one party transfer an STD to another. Always use a condom, even if there are other methods of contraception. You can never be too safe.

Having sex despite seeing signs of an STD

If you see rashes, ulcers or any other odd thing in the genitals area of your partner, stop having sex with them. Bring them to see a Singapore STD clinic. If you did have sex with them, however, then there is a chance that you have contracted an STD during the encounter. Both of you should go get tested for STDs together to ensure you get the medical attention that you need, should you have any STD.


If you fall into any of these categories, please do get tested for STDs. It is important for everyone to detect their STD early so that it does not develop into a potentially lethal complication.

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