Pros Of Taking The TOPIK Test

The Test of Proficiency in Korean, or TOPIK, is as its name suggests: a test on one’s command of the Korean Language. It is offered six times every year in Korea and twice annually in Singapore and other countries for non-native Korean speakers.

The first iteration of the test was administered more than two decades ago in 1997. Initially, only one test was held every year. However, as more and more foreigners became interested in living in South Korea, the number of tests annually also increased.

The main reason why people take the TOPIK is for them to get an official record of their proficiency in Korean. Many do it to evaluate their future career prospects, or to get an education in Korea. To attain permanent residency or a marriage visa in Korea, one has to attempt the TOPIK.

How to Learn Korean

Just like any other language, learning Korean isn’t easy. You’ll need to put in the time and effort to do so. You can also give yourself a better chance of learning the language quickly by enrolling in a Korean language school. Finding a reputed and suitable korean course in singapore should be easy enough. Plenty are qualified to offer quality instruction all over the country.

Though an added expense, enrolling in a Korean language school is your best bet in passing the TOPIK test. Why? Crucially, they will offer you a well thought out and structured plan to attaining proficiency in learning Korean. They will also have well-trained staff who specialise in teaching Korean. Your age, or how slow of a learner you think you are doesn’t matter to them. They are more than willing to give you the attention necessary to help you improve your command of the language. Furthermore, Korean language schools also have access to the necessary study material that will make it easier for you to learn Korean.

If you are hesitant and think that you’re better off learning yourself, you can always attend a trial class first. Almost all Korean language schools offer it. Simply try it out once or twice and see if it suits your expectations.


The TOPIK is a major Korean proficiency test. It is almost a must to take if you’re thinking of studying or working in South Korea. If you want to take the test, then it’s imperative that you prepare for it months beforehand. Even then, there is no assurance that you will pass or get a high enough of a score to be considered proficient in the Korean language.

Give yourself the best shot at getting a high score in the TOPIK by enrolling in Korean lessons in Singapore so you can get the best instruction that money can buy.

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