How To Kickstart Your Career As A Real Estate Agent

When you hear real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is all the glamorous buildings that you could be managing, all the famous people you could be showing houses to and the glitz of it all. But that is not entirely true. Yes, some people have reached that level, but they had to work hard to get there. It is a business, and you are your own boss, but it takes a lot of discipline for anybody to succeed. You need to be a person who will be ready to put in the work for the ultimate reward, which could be the go-to real estate agent for many clients. Make a plan on how you need to do this before you start. Make sure that you can get yourself and your clients from one location to another without any stress. It needs investing into as well so be ready and willing to go that extra mile. Some other factors to consider are:

Get a License

A license is an essential requirement if you are delving into real estate. Clients don’t want to deal with a person who isn’t recognised by the state. They are looking to buy their dream home in a place like Mayfair Gardens and Riverfront Residences and hence money is involved, in fact, a lot of it. Being informed is the most crucial thing in this business; you might lose out on a considerable sale because you haven’t done your homework. Don’t assume that since you were a real estate agent in Toronto, the same rules apply in New York or Singapore.

If you are moving to a new state, then familiarise yourself with the licensing requirements there. Get all your facts and paperwork right.


Just like every other business out there you will need money to start. You have to pay for licenses; you need fuel in your car to move around when going to check the houses and even when taking clients. You could also spend on advertising your expertise. All these cost money. Not forgetting that when you start a business, it is unrealistic that you will earn from it immediately. Be realistic in how you will manage your bills and still fund the company until you stabilise.


Everybody needs a place to live, whether it is for a short while or a lease. Talk to people, call people, go to places where you can socialise and market your business. You could talk to a person that probably doesn’t want a house, but they could recommend you to a friend or relative.

Be Mentored

We all need somebody to help us make our dreams into a reality. You could look for someone who has been in the business for a while to help you with a few tips here and there. A mentor can come in handy especially when you try as hard as you can and yet you feel like you are going nowhere. Be persuasive in getting someone to do this because the truth is not many people want extra work by having to check in on a newbie. Once you have targeted someone who you think can help you to propel into the next level, approach them with a gift and be sincere with them. A little praise on how good they are in this field for you to have chosen them won’t hurt either.

Be Kind, and Patient with Clients

Any business that you have to deal with the client directly can be at times frustrating. How? Imagine getting a call from a client that they want you to take them to view a house, you ask all the things they would want in a perfect home, and they tell you. You escort them on site, and they have nothing positive to say at all, in fact, it is like the requirements they asked for were for entirely different people. Such things can push you to the hedge, and you need to keep your cool. Smile, answer any queries they may have and be polite. They could be the source of your next clients.

Nothing comes easy if you badly want to be the best real estate agent you have to work for it. You never know a day might come when you are the one doing the mentoring.

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