Making Your Child Less Stressed In International Schools

Studying in an international school is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as everything requires tip-top performance. It all began since the start of your child’s admission to the school and it becomes even more critical for you to showcase your full potential once you start your classes and of course, more importantly, demonstrate your ability in your academic results. Given the fact that your school provides high-quality learning that will surely make your child ahead of competition among other children that are studying in local schools.

However, one significant disadvantage that one will notice with regards to their system is the exhaustion of the students as a result of the strict and tremendous rules and regulations of the international schools when it comes to academics. But don’t worry, it is not impossible for your child to avoid that academic exhaustion. Here, we have a few ways you can do to make sure that your child is not worn out.

Always check in on your child

Some children may not be very vocal with their feelings or needs when it comes to their workload. This is very common in all kinds of educational institutions as each child varies and has different personalities. Some may be more outspoken, while some are categorised under the group of ‘Introverts’, or there might even be a combination of both in some cases.

Aside from a child’s personality itself, there are other reasons why some children are not comfortable in discussing that kind of stuff to their parents and some of them are, intimidation and fear, or they are just really downright shy even with their own parents.

For this type of children, the best way to lessen their exhaustion that is caused by massive school works is to directly ask him or her. Check in on them and ask if there is any way for you to assist them with their assignments or projects. By taking the initiative to offer them help from time to time, you are helping them to ease their workload, and at the same time, close the distance between you and your child.

Spend quality time with your child

You should always be making sure that you’re spending enough time with your child, regardless of whether it is for easing your child’s workload. Do not underestimate this vital step as it is very crucial if you want to form a special bond with your child, not only will it bring you closer to your child but it will also help to release the stress for you and your child from the strenuous week of school and work assignments.

By doing this, your child will be more enthusiastic about going to school on the weekdays for the reason that they are rejuvenated and are ready to take on the lessons because of the fun and enjoyment that they experienced on the weekends with you.

Do not pressure them about their grades

There’s nothing wrong with you telling your kids to study hard as it is an excellent way to boost their grades up with the extra motivation given. However, there’s such a thin line between encouragement and pressure that you might not even notice how you’re putting too much stress onto your child.

Which is why you should make sure that you can differentiate between the two and ensure that you encourage your child in moderation. You can advise your child to study hard but do not let it become a hindrance for them to have a balance between their studies and life. Even if your child is in the best international school in Singapore with strict academics standards and stupendous school activities yearly, you must not let it make your child exhausted. Instead, you should guide them and help them along their journey as your child should be enjoying their time in school and not be stressed all the time.

Now you can implement these simple tips for your children to view his or her school as an enjoyable place of learning and not just a place of competition that promotes stress.

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