7 Tips To Think About When Hiring A Professional Party Planner

Parties are an important part of our lifestyle. Having one helps us to relax, forget all worries and have fun with family, friends and colleagues. Fret not should you find yourself clueless on how to start planning a great party effectively. It is also easy to overlook important aspects that can make or break your party if you are a busy working professional. And this is exactly where party planners come in. An ideal party planner is able to organise everything swiftly and handle difficult situations easily. Below are helpful tips to use when looking for an ideal party planner in Singapore.

Set Down Objectives

Hiring a planner should be focused on finding someone experienced to assist you in meeting your event objectives. It is therefore very important to have some goals in mind, ideas you would like to incorporate and a budget estimate to work with. All this information will be critical in deciding which party planner is able to achieve them effectively.

Use the Internet

Most professional party planners have their addresses, services they provide and everything else you need to know about on their websites. Reviews and testimonials from clients are also easily available on the Internet. By doing a quick search on different party planners, you can also better understand the type of parties they frequently organise (e.g. themed parties, children birthday parties, corporate dinners, etc.) and learn about how each planner can help you plan your ideal party. If you happen to be planning an event overseas, you would also want to make sure that the planners you approach operate within your desired geographical area.

Narrow Down Your List

Just by going through the profiles of different party planners online, you will be able to find at least two or three companies to choose from. You can then get in touch with them to discuss about your event. A good party planner should be able to answer your questions with ease and also ask some questions in the bid to understand your needs better.

Ask About the Areas of Expertise

The planner you eventually decide to go with should demonstrate good knowledge and past experience of having planned a party that is similar to what you are seeking to host. This should boost your confidence when you decide to work with them. You can also seek to find out what are the other types of events the planner organises and keep it in view for future celebrations. Working with a party planner who organises a variety of event types also gives you access to fresh ideas that you might otherwise not have considered.

Inquire On the Services Offered

A good tip would be to list out the things that you are looking for and check in with the party planner if they are able to meet your needs. This can include responsibilities such as finding the perfect venue, catering, sound systems, entertainment & decoration services. A good planner should have easy ways to get all these services that might have proven tedious for you.

Ask for Quotes

A good party planner is the one who will help you throw a fabulous celebration within your budget. Payments and charges should be clear and hidden costs should be avoided. Make sure you are comfortable with how the payment agreements are made.

Enquire about Booking Cancellation Policies

All professional party planners should have contract terms. You should be able to understand everything that is stated upfront before agreeing to work with one. Enquire about the policies applicable in the event you may have to cancel or postpone the plans.

A good party planner comes up with contingency plans that are meant to assist you in case of unexpected hiccups such us bad weather, electricity hitches and any other situations. While planning a party can be difficult and time consuming, with the help of an exceptional party planner in Singapore, anyone can host an amazing party effortlessly.

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