5 Places For Great Thrift Shopping In Singapore

It doesn’t matter where you are, thrift shopping is without a doubt a popular pastime for many locals and travellers all around the world. And in Singapore, it is especially well-liked among many.

Though there are many well-known shopping malls with plenty of globally known brands, there are times where we want to take a break from spending all that cash. Over here, you can easily do that with the variety of thrift stores available!

Below, is a list of thrift shops you can visit when you’re in Singapore.


New2U is usually among Singapore’s more famous thrift shops. They market numerous things apart from outfits like books as well as numerous home products. Managed completely by volunteers, this treasure is concealed within the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO). Almost all products are donated, which means that aside from buying any items, you’re able to donate a lot more products on the shelves! They even have normal student coupons (on Tuesdays) as well as every two operating days of the thirty day period are ½ cost days too. What’s best of all is the fact you’ll feel amazing investing funds here as almost all cash goes to Star Shelter as well as other SCWO endeavors.


Probably the most high-end thrift outlets around, Refash features outfits that are placed nicely on shelves and are tidied by colour together with style. Go realizing that you absolutely won’t be spending under $5 for a brandless product, instead you’ll be buying from well-known brands like Zara, Topshop and MDS.

You’ll be able to snap up great bargains with great quality, as well as large discounts on clothing, particularly whenever they run gross sales on their products.

Something Old, Something New

Created several years back, Something Old Something New is a thrift shop established by volunteers of the Singapore Anglican Community Services. The store helps offer training as well as job chances to individuals recouping from psychiatric problems. The primary purpose of the store would be to teach as well as provide their beneficiaries with expertise which will enhance employability.

Besides realizing that your cash is going to an outstanding cause, you will also be able to grab many amazing picks from the wide selection available. These clothing pieces are also set with a fixed cost, irrespective of the style or even brand, so get a few items when you decide to come down to the store.

Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

MINDS operates a total of four thrifts in Singapore, it is a store that allows the intellectually handicapped to interact with clients to acquire retail expertise. It also allows clients and customers to talk to them and understand them better, whether it is regarding their speech or behaviour. MINDS has also collaborated with NTUC Healthcare to gather matured workers to mentor these employees to ensure a smooth-sailing journey while working.

Not only will you be able to help these workers, but you will also be able to get a few affordable pieces to add to your closet. Who says you can’t accomplish good whenever you shop?

Shop @ RedCross

If you thought that thrift shopping could only be done offline, then you probably just haven’t visited Red Cross’s thrift store.

Red Cross markets their products at mega sales as well as on Carousell, so if you’re too lazy to get out to do some thrift shopping in Singapore then you can happily browse through their page for some good deals!

While prices are costly due to the designer labeling which they keep, these are considerably discounted from the initial costs. Over the currently marked-down costs, they do sponsor sales as well as special occasions with much lower prices. What’s more, they even accept donations, so feel free to drop a few of your items for a good cause. Besides donating, there’s always the option of purchasing too, so get some great items from clothing to electronic products, since either way you’ll be able to make a change.

Now that you know a couple of these thrift shopping, you can get ready to head out and let loose because there’s no stopping you when you’re snapping up items for a worthy cause!

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