How To Learn Korean By Watching Korean Variety Shows

Learning Korean will be an adventure, to say the least. Many think that the Korean language is hard to learn. On the contrary, it is probably easier than its neighbours, like Chinese or Japanese. Today, Korean language enthusiasts have many tools at their disposal to learn Korean. One of these tools is watching super-interesting Korean variety shows. Here, we will outline some of the best variety shows that you can watch to improve your Korean language.

  • Running Man

This show is one of the most liked and longest running shows in Korea. It has a loyal international fanbase. In this show, contestants perform a myriad of tasks at Korean landmarks to win a race. After some time, it took the race from landmarks in Korea to places all over the world.

As the show has minimal dialogue, this makes it a good choice for beginner-level Korean learners.

  • Now On My Way To Meet You

This show fits into a unique category. It hosts a panel of several female North Korean defectors which are known as beauties. They perform several tasks and also tell stories about North Korea. The show is hailed as an attempt at softening the attitude of South Koreans towards North Korean defectors.

This show will pique the interest of viewers who have an interest in social and political affairs. Furthermore, these viewers will be able to learn valuable vocabulary pertaining to social and political issues.

  • Unpretty Rapstar

There are many western reality shows which provide an opportunity to aspiring singers. However, this show features established K-Pop stars. In each episode, the contestants have to write an original rap song or direct a music video. These songs and videos are rated by their fellow contestants to decide who stays or goes.

Korean learners who have an interest in K-pop would find this show interesting. If the viewer is learning advanced Korean, he would also be able to learn a thing or two about writing lyrics.

  • Roommate

This shows boasts a house full of Korean celebrities. These celebrities do not fight or engage in scripted arguments. On the contrary, they have several competitions which determine who is going to clean the house.

This show is largely unscripted. This feature makes the show interesting and addictive. Participants seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company and make each other meals after hectic work schedules, typically late at night.

As the dialogue in this show is casual and authentic to what Koreans would actually use daily, many people can benefit from listening and watching this show. Korean learners can find out phrases or expressions commonly used by Koreans in their day-to-day life.

Variety shows have a casual tone and can be extremely helpful while learning a language. Those who are learning Korean should opt for a show of their choice and start following it. If you are a real enthusiast, you have probably signed up for korean classes in singapore. Watching variety shows are a fantastic way of supplementing your lessons.

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