Shop The Green Way: Eco-Friendly Stores To Explore

Retail shopping in Singapore has recently caught on the green wave. More stores are popping up to cultivate the sustainability movement by promoting zero-waste and offer a variety of eco-friendly goods and services. They help to mainstream the idea and ways of being eco-friendly while supporting consumers lead a greener lifestyle. If you are wondering where you could browse for green things to buy in Singapore, read our list below.

Your Sustainable Store

This store began with an aim to offer a range of practical yet stylish sustainable items and make them easily available. Products are sourced from all around the world, and soon will retail locally-produced items as well. Some of the best-sellers include bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps and produce bags. Products are personally tested before they are put up for sale online.

The Sustainability Project

The decision to start this online business was to have a direct impact on helping the environment and influence the lifestyle of others as well as how other businesses operate. Among the items for sale are coconut bowls, reusable metal straws, and printed cotton towels to replace paper ones. The items are also ensured to last so consumers will not depend on single-use items, ultimately cutting down waste. Even the store’s carbon footprint is kept low as packaging is made from used boxes or unwanted envelopes collected from friends and family, and even customers.

The Social Space

Started by a husband and wife social entrepreneur team, The Social Space brings something different to shopping in Singapore. The lifestyle concept store houses a retail area, nail salon, café and refillery. Shoppers can bring their own reusable bottles to refill household items such as multipurpose cleansers, laundry detergent, shampoo and soaps, to help reduce on packaging waste. In the café, food is served in coconut bowls while drinks are served with steel straws. The retail space offers takeaway cups, steel and glass straws and reusable bottles for sale. Most of the products in the nail salon are not only eco-friendly, they are also non-toxic, fair trade and/or cruelty free. The socially-conscious salon also offers vocational training programme to local underprivileged, marginalised women.

Aside from helping consumers adopt a greener lifestyle and offering eco-friendly things to buy in Singapore, the couple also managed to convince supplier businesses to cut down on waste and sell products in bulk to the store in large reusable tubs.


At Unpackt, it is believed that eco-living is for everyone. Touted to be the first zero-waste grocery store in Singapore, goods here are sold by weight and sans packaging. Shoppers will have to bring their own plastic or glass containers, but there are also free recycled containers available for those who forgot to bring their own. One benefit of not paying for packaging is customers can expect cost savings of at least five per cent, and they will buy only what they need, leading to minimal food waste. You can expect a variety of items including quinoa, pasta, rice, superfood powders, a selection of dried fruits and liquid items such as olive oil, honey and balsamic vinegar.

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