5 Ways to Give Your Living Room A Luxurious Look

You can see the personality of the people who are living in a house through their respective living rooms, which is why it is very crucial to make the living space presentable.

There are a lot of designs that you can use for your living room to make it look fancy but not too dramatic, so that it remains appealing to the eyes of your visitors and yourself.

Below are some ideas of designs that you can include in your living room to spruce up your living space.

  1. Put some wall decorations such as wallpapers or stickers

Having a passive wall with no designs embellished at all can make the room very dull, especially to your guests. Putting up wallpapers and stickers with printed objects on it like flowers, stars, or even the favorite object of your choice can bring some life to your living room.

  1. Consider putting a cover on your TV

This is a great add-on if you have a flat-screen television in your living room. It will look especially great if your television is mounted on a wall, you may even want to consider putting a curtain type cover that corresponds to the color of your wall. This way, you can give your living room a unique look and put a layer of protection on your television at the same time.

  1. Substitute the traditional sofa with an L shaped sofa

As we all know it is very rare to see people using L-shaped sofas for their living room as they are too used to having sofas that either rectangular-shaped or square-shaped.

However, there has been an increase in demand of L shaped sofas in Singapore because of the limited floor area of houses. An L-shaped sofa will help you to save a lot space and at the same time, add up some elegance to your living room.

  1. Substitute light bulbs for candles in a chandelier

Having a chandelier adds elegance in a room, however, as they are just common house ornaments the designs that are offered by many Singapore furniture shops are more or less the same.

The best way to bring out the full potential of a chandelier is to substitute light bulbs for candles. You are doing yourself a favor as you are putting a distinct look on your living room.

But, do not worry because these candles will not be used as your main source of light, these candles will just be a design or supplementary lights that will be used only if you have a visitor.

  1. Put a rocking chair in your living room

By putting a rocking chair in your living room, you are giving your living room a classic look and added charisma. You can choose from a vast selection of rocking chair designs, but the recommended choice would definitely be one that has a leather cushion to provide maximum comfort and style. There are plenty of shops in Singapore that offer this type of rocking chair, so make sure you source for the one that provides you with what you need!

With these tips, you will be able to add beauty to your living room and be able to leave a deep impression on your guests the next time they visit your house.

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